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A multitalented trading tycoon- Matthew Thayer:

Matthew Thayer is a Chairman100 and contributor of IM Mastery Academy and one of the top HFX coaches worldwide. Apart from this, he is the creator of CashTrap. 

Matthew Thayer, who belongs to Minneapolis MN and loves sports and is very good at playing football and basketball since his childhood, later wished to continue his sports career. He joined the University of Wisconsin Stout so that he can continue his sports career in basketball. But life had other plans and Matthew Thayer graduated and joined the travel company World Ventures. But soon he discontinued his job there, as his passion was never travelling. This was a turning point in his life when he met Alex Morton of IM Mastery Academy. Matthew Thayer was not an expert in this job but soon he learnt the secret of this trade and transformed himself to be a master in it. 

Matthew Thayer loved the trading business and network marketing. Although initially Matthew Thayer was unaware of this trade and had little experience of it he gained his knowledge from Vasquez. He initially blues up multiple accounts but he was determined to get to the core of the trade and create a position for himself. And soon within no time, he was successful in it. Matthew also began explaining his journey and lessons learnt by teaching few people as a team, which has grown into thousands. Matthew Thayer created the top strategy called the cash trap a scalping software that helps users catch up with forex and crypto trade. And soon Matt was the leading educator assisting millions of people create their own careers in their trading. 

Apart from being a creator and educator, Matthew Thayer is a family man too. He got married to the love of his life Hannah and has a daughter named Kylie. Matt loves his family and wishes that every person should do the same for their family, connected with him in his daily sessions. Facing all his challenges and struggles Matt has created a massive trading portfolio for himself and has reached out to over 250k students from 200 students weekly. He has been able to turn 500 USD investment into over 1.4 million USD investment within a year. 

There is a lot more to know about Matthew Thayer and you surely must be interested in understanding the CashTrap movement further. Find all the info you will need, in the websites linked below. You can also follow Matthew Thayer on his personal social media platforms to take a peek into his private life.



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