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An accomplished pharmacist Dr Suzanne Soliman contributes to the community:

To date, Dr Suzanne Soliman has worked as a clinical pharmacist, independent pharmacy owner, a medical science liaison (MSL) and national field team educator prior to becoming an Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at UIC-COP. Currently, she is the Chief Academic Officer for the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA) and has faculty appointments at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Rutgers University and St. John’s University. She also serves on the local board of health in Bergen County NJ and was appointed in 2018.

Being a journal reviewer is a pretty good job, and baby enjoys every bit of it. this is in fact one of the reasons why she has not just written but also published hundreds of articles on the topic and addresses those topics that concern her area of interest- both in her personal and public life. These subjects are mostly concerning pharmacy, including some women and child-related care nationally. Baby does not just write articles for them, she is deeply concerned about how well off the country is in terms of medical backup, and she herself has managed to help thousands of members in order to feel encouraged. 

One of her biggest advances with the above objective in mind is Pharmacist Moms Group. Pharmacist Moms Group or PhMG as it is shortened to is one of the largest organisations in the USA bringing together women in pharmacy who were going through the same issues that Suzanne did. Before the creation of PhMG, there was no group dedicated to female pharmacists in particular. However, as it was plenty obvious based on existing gender inequality and lack of women’s rights in the medical industry- there certainly was a need for it. PhMG was a spur of the moment decision and Dr Suzanne Soliman could have never imagined that what would start out as just a Facebook group would soon become such a big deal. Within a month of operation, PhMG had over 1000 followers and boasts of a mighty 35000 active followers as of now. 

“The daily engagement revolutionized the field of pharmacy as most pharmacy organizations met only a couple times a year and there was little engagement in between. With pharmacist moms it’s different.”, says Dr Suzanne Soliman. 

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