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Andrew Glisson Is Changing the Real Estate Industry One Neighborhood at a Time

Andrew Glisson is a rare breed of real estate investor. As a relatively new entrant in the real estate industry, Andrew has set himself apart from others in several ways. Andrew is the founder and managing partner at Neighborhood Revival LLC, a real estate company based in Memphis. Before this position, Andrew worked as the senior vice president for fortune 500 financial services firm in Houston, but he knew he wanted to do something else with his life. Andrew’s passion for change drove him to create an organization combining community-building and investment strategy, and that’s how Neighborhood Revival was born. He sees his work as more than just an opportunity to make money but also a chance to do good in this world by improving neighborhoods and increasing property values.

Andrew’s company has been going strong for about three years and has made its mark in that period. Andrew understands that profit isn’t the only metric by which success should be measured, a factor that distinguishes him from other developers who don’t fix anything for their tenants. In Neighborhood Revival’s short lifespan, they’ve positively impacted many neighborhoods and improved countless lives around the country. Andrew’s team saves old homes, consequently saving neighborhoods and making everyone happy. The strategy is simple: Andrew defines an area, buys every piece of property he can, and renovates properties to a high standard, which drives up the property values. His specialty is renovating significantly dilapidated properties and improving them to high-end single-family homes and duplexes. “I’m not a flipper who throws something cheap and ugly together. I put a lot of time and care into my projects,” he emphasizes. To him, this business is not just about addresses on a spreadsheet; he sees them as homes that all have a story worth preserving.

Automation of services is another factor that makes Andrew’s approach unique. Andrew discloses he has invested heavily in technology, which allows him to optimize his company’s operations while keeping residents feeling comfortable. The business buys, renovates, and self-manages properties with just 2 full-time employees, a testament to its unparalleled investment in automation technology. Marketing at Neighborhood Revival follows a similar strategy, something Andrew did right from the beginning. “Before and after” photographs and videos are particularly useful in generating buzz about Andrew’s work on new locations. Using media and tech has ensured Neighborhood Revival always has higher demand for homes than its competition, and there’s always a waiting list, even for properties in the initial stages of development.

In today’s real estate industry, the demand for high-end properties is outpacing the supply. As one of the best in this space, Andrew has the vision to spread his impact to more cities in the country and fill this gap. However, Andrew admits he’s just one person, which limits his reach, but he can still achieve his goals in two ways. First, he hopes to network and join hands with other investors around the country to take on bigger projects in more neighborhoods. Second, he plans to take more students under his wing and bring them along for the ride. Andrew’s goal is to teach them his methods and help them replicate his process and strategies, improving their lives and contributing to the greater good.


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