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Family First Life is based in a USA based independent life insurance agency affiliated with Family First Life. It has been in the field of business since 2014. More precisely, Family First Life, is an Independent Marketing Organization that help families in case of unforeseen or unfortunate events of their loved and close ones. It aims to change people’s lives for the better since life goes on. Besides clients, they also care and provide for their agents to make a living for themselves and their families. In other words, the main focus of Family First Life is people, irrespective of whether they are clients, agents or other staff members.

The three ideologies of the company include Serving with loyalty and honesty, empowering not enabling and the belief that working hard can change lives for the better.

FFL makes sure to provide the best training to ensure the success of all their aspiring agents and thus they can live the life they always dreamt of. These courses are always provided free of charge and conducted by individuals who have prior experience in the field. Their workflow and methods are absolutely transparent. Their organization is successful due to the work put in by their agents, who strive to become better at their jobs every day.

Here comes the role of Andrew Taylor who is 31 years old veteran in the life insurance profession. It would be interesting for the youth to know more about what he is and what he has achieved, in the past 12 years, Andrew has not only produced at a high level but also taught and led others to do the same. Andrew Taylor and his company FFL USA, has taught over 500 agents to make $100,000 in gross income with his influence. Andrew is also a managing partner of Integrity Marketing Group which is the most elite partnership an insurance agent can have.

From 2016 to 2021, with the inbuilt determination, he was able to build the largest independently owned insurance agencies in the United States. The number of clients he protected and served is larger than other insurance marketing organizations, which is itself a great achievement for him and is also inspiring. In 2021, they are even projected to do over 300 million dollars.

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