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Anthony Harris Announces Back To School Enrichment In Richmond 

To the bewilderment of many people out there, summer is already almost over. Not only does that mean we are just a few months away from NFL kickoff, but that also means that school is right around the corner. Anthony Harris wants to get out in front of the hoard in stores and is preparing an event to set kids in need up with supplies. 

The event is called the Back To School Enrichment in Richmond, Virginia. It’s currently listed to take place on July 8th, 2023 and will be around five hours long in total. It’ll likely start at around noon and make its way into the afternoon. From what Harris’ foundation posted on their social media, this is going to be the fifth time that this event has taken place in Richmond. Harris prefers to have this project come around once a year to make sure kids can stay prepared for their education. What this event will do is provide free supplies such as crayons, backpacks, notebooks, and much more for families to come around and pick up. On top of that, it isn’t just going to be a silent crowd with people grabbing things at random. From the information posted, there will be food, music, and a handful of guests who will be there to show support for the cause. Anthony Harris Foundation  is taking the year by strom by hosting back to back campaigns for the needy. Yet another generous move by the man, the myth himself, Anthony Harris

The Back To School Enrichment cause has been picking up a handful of big sponsors as well to help make this dream a reality. The Rock Project has been one of the founders of this idea and has been helping out ever since. Other notable brands such as Walmart and Student Athletes will be pitching in to help also. Furthermore, Harris himself will be there. There have been times in the past where a large event has a well-known face attached to it and then they wind up not showing up, or only hanging around for a few minutes. Harris is known to stick around and try to talk to as many people as he can in a limited amount of time. 

Anybody out there that might feel a little uneasy about the event, just know that last year’s showing went wonderfully. Harris was interviewed on the news and shown on television with a line of families in the background picking up some supplies for the educational journey that they will be partaking in. One thing from that interview which stuck out was when Harris said, “It’s just providing a good safe time for the community to come out, acknowledge one another, continue to learn from one another, and explore different things.”  

The Rock Project’s Darryl Johnston, who is the owner of the group, also appeared and shared a good message. His quote was, “I just want to give back to them as I can because I was them, you know, and I’ve got four kids myself.” Anthony Harris and The Rock Project plan to continue impacting lives all across Richmond. In fact, Harris has a free youth football camp listed this upcoming week for kids to show up and have some fun! 

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