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Casey Iola Teaches the World About Time, Travel, and Financial Independence

Casey Iola is a South African-born Australian resident who has spent the last seven years traveling the world. The ardent adventurer has been to over 46 countries and lived in five. She currently runs an online business that teaches people how to build an online business using social media so that they can free themselves from the 9–5 rat race, become financially independent, and travel the world.

Casey is a digital marketing guru who specializes in branding, marketing, content creation, video strategy, lead generation, DM strategies, and sales funnels. Casey teaches budding entrepreneurs, especially coaches, how to brand themselves and their businesses. She further enlightens them on how to market themselves so they can expand their online presence to their target consumers.

Casey offers two significant programs to help as many people as possible enjoy financial independence. The first is the “Glow and Grow Academy,” whereby with a membership fee of $297 p/m, you will learn how to market yourself to stand out on various digital platforms and grow your social media. The second one is “High Ticket Coaching,” where she works closely with clients and helps them build their online businesses from the ground up. The program encourages them to quit their 9–5 to make $10K monthly and set themselves time, location, and financially free.

Although Casey is financially independent, she had a bumpy journey and faced numerous challenges while building her business, such as rejection, failure, stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights. “Overworking tops my list of challenges; I am so driven and keep myself so busy that I often get burnt out. I also sacrificed my self-care to get stuff done and used to put so much pressure on myself. Luckily I learned with time that self-care and downtime are just as important as work time, and everything changed,” shares Casey.

Struggling to balance work and her personal life was another challenge Casey faced. She notes that it is tough to build a business and give it the time needed to get ahead, but being in a relationship makes that even more complex. Due to a difficult period with her business and being let down and disappointed by her mentors, Casey went through a very stressful time that eventually cost her her relationship. “I have learned a tough lesson, and going forward, time balance will be a major priority,” said Casey.

Today, Casey is basking in the glory of a successful journey to financial freedom and has learned several lessons. According to Casey, you should have patience, trust the universe, take constant action, and focus on one thing, and you will eventually succeed. “Shiny object syndrome will only hold you back. Trust yourself, care for yourself, and never give up,” Casey adds. 

In a few years, Casey aspires to have a massive community of business owners living their dream lives. She also sees herself standing on stages, inspiring people to believe in themselves and take action toward their dreams. She also plans to hold retreats around the world, giving people a taste of the exceptionally free life and impacting society so starting and building your own business is as celebrated as going to college, graduating, or getting a “good job.” “I look forward to writing a book and inspiring many people to choose a different path to achieve financial independence,” Casey concludes.


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