Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Chase your dreams with Pablo Valero

Not many people can excel in life because some of them are too afraid of taking the major steps to achieve their dreams. While growing up, everybody faces pressure in different forms, but instead of giving in to them, we should choose to ignore them and push the boundaries. We should chase our desires to the farthest. Pablo, an ordinary individual who used to work for a corporate office. He had a 9 to 5 job, and timings would even often extend as per the workload. It was quite hectic for him to work in that environment in a closed office. He has a business degree in Commerce and International business. He took that job soon after graduating. But he chose not to work for the corporate firm anymore.

Pablo doesn’t believe in setting limits to one’s life. There are no limitations to the mind of a person, we just make that up. Dreams actually expand your understanding of reality. After leaving his secured job, he thought it through and researched a lot. Then he came up with a brochure in his hand of the biggest cruise line in the world which is, Royal Caribbean International cruise line. He likes to travel around the world on ships. His job was to do sports like surfing, skydiving, etc. on the ship.

Pablo Valero loves to meet new people and interact with them. Since Pablo is a fun person, cruise travelers are very easily attracted to him. And henceforth, he has made many contacts and connections with those people. That corporate firm would have never allowed him to challenge his deepest desires. Pablo says that, instead of running after money, we should follow our passion. It is the passion that stays forever. Whereas, money is easily spent. He also says that we should just have a clear purpose behind what you want, and you shall definitely achieve it one day. 




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