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Chava Mercado Went From Broke to 7-figures Changing the Concept of Billboard Ads

Billboard advertisements have survived the wave of digitization, preserving their charm through the busy city streets and markets. Brands still prefer to promote their products on a billboard because it offers hyper-localized branding compared to other means of marketing. However, the biggest downside to traditional billboard marketing is its cost compared to the impact it creates. No one prefers to look at a static one-sided logo or poster. Also, billboards are limited to locations and are often restricted by city ordinances. This is where mobile billboards are stealing the show as a more impactful way of creating brand awareness.

InMotion Media Group, founded by Chava Mercado, is a well-known name in mobile billboards. Chava Mercado noticed that people tend to look at ads that are vibrant and in motion. Traditional billboard inventory is one-sided, stationary, and expensive, and it is restricted by city ordinances and reduced to locations allowed for billboards only. He created InMotion Media Group in 2019 as a part-time hustle to change the way billboard ads are displayed. In 2020, he went full-time with the company just weeks before the world experienced an indefinite shutdown due to the pandemic outbreak.

Chava Mercado tried hard to keep the business afloat, exhausting all his savings. His account balance dropped to $7, and no one from his family or friends agreed to lend him any money. Just when Chava was going to sell off a portion of the company to an investor, his life took a positive turn. InMotion Media Group received an order worth 6 figures. Since then, Chava Mercado never looked back on his career. He guided the company through data-driven technology to offer clients more than expected or paid for.

InMotion Media Group is empowering brands with hyper-localized branding in the busiest streets and markets where other ads cannot reach. The company has a national fleet of over 15,000 trucks ready to deploy brands into select specific markets to highly-targeted audiences. InMotion Media fleets penetrate markets with restricted or limited outdoor advertising, as well as in saturated markets in all 50 states. With a proven track record of promoting some of the biggest brands like Fortune 500 companies, InMotion Media  Group has won a national award for the best “Outdoor Ad in 2021” for one law firm client.

Unlike other companies that stick a logo on the truck and charge huge marketing costs, InMotion Media Group offers customized solutions based on research to generate more impact. The company offers three advertising products to suit the promotional needs of all business sizes. The 53ft semi-truck is suitable for big brands. The 26ft box truck is recommended for brands targeting nationwide hyper-local markets. The third product is an 11ft LED truck best for exposure on short-term targeted events like sporting events, store openings, political campaigns, premieres, etc.

To help clients measure performances, InMotion Media Group uses GPS tracking and heat maps. It can track data through mobile IDs of anyone who sees the mobile truck advertising and sends it to the client as leads. The data is utilized to retarget potential customers through different social media channels who are confirmed to have seen your mobile billboard. With all these innovative ideas and technology, InMotion Media Group has already become a multi-million dollars brand, taking Chava Mercado’s net worth to 7 figures.

With a clear roadmap to pioneer the mobile advertising industry, Chava Mercado is set to scale up his net worth to 9 figures. He is looking forward to working with more global brands by helping them take their message to limited or restricted areas without cluttered competition.


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