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Cool 2Be Conscious Is Making a Difference as a Lifestyle Movement

Many people believe in the power of peace and freedom, so plenty of programs and movements are coming out to help others achieve these values. One example of an emerging movement that’s making a difference in many people’s lives is Cool 2Be Conscious, the passion project of Australia-based breathwork and meditation coaches Ru Mackenzie and Ryan Hubbard.

Ru was a former professional rugby player who shifted to a more holistic way of living after suffering many injuries during his hey-days as an athlete. After playing professionally overseas, he realized that he needed to do something different to feel more self-fulfilled and productive. Breathwork and meditation became his source of recovery and newfound passion due to their positive and holistic effects.

On the other hand, Ryan is a regular person who suffers from anxiety, magnified by his frequent panic attacks. He resorted to fitness and adventure to overcome his struggles until he found the beauty of meditation and breathwork. Together with Ru, they built a brand that helped them survive their respective ordeals and help others do the same using inner awareness and growth.

Ru and Ryan maintain that Cool 2Be Conscious is a brand of its own and is not like any other coaching and mental wellness program. C2BC utilizes different platforms to reach various people in Australia and beyond, including a podcast, live feeds on Instagram, and more. In addition, they offer a “Stillness” program where clients can choose from a rich selection of pre-recorded meditations on their website.

The Cool 2Be Conscious slogan is “BE THE LOVE. BE THE FUN!” which stems from its founders’ belief that at every person’s core is love. People will always crave fun with their capacity to love since every individual has a child in them. Ru and Ryan exhibit these concepts with authenticity and go above and beyond for every client’s demand for self-improvement.

Cool 2Be Conscious has built a team of passionate individuals who share the brand’s goals and values to deliver its clients continuous, high-quality service. To reciprocate its workforce’s hard work, the company exhibits constant honesty and transparency to create a streamlined team. Moreover, Cool 2Be Conscious ensures that every employee believes in the brand and its mission to create positive change.

Before becoming significant disruptors in the business, Cool 2Be Conscious’s founders dealt with self-doubt, which they overcame with consistent and honest efforts. Ru and Ryan started the company with two people who ran sessions with them every Sunday for an entire year. The duo made significant sacrifices, which paid off as they have turned the brand into the best provider of meditation and consciousness guidance.

During the early months of the pandemic, Cool 2Be Conscious gained a massive following across different platforms. Like most businesses, the pandemic prevented them from making physical transactions, setting up a minor bump in their journey. Fortunately, Ryan and Ru turned this life-changing circumstance into an opportunity to expand their market in the digital world.

From a zero-dollar entity to a seven-figure business, Cool 2Be Conscious now transforms tens of thousands of lives through various programs. You can follow the brand’s Instagram and Facebook pages to learn how it can help you. Cool 2Be Conscious will be involved in various collaborations and developments in the coming years, including an American expansion in 2022.


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