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Craig Siegel, the founder of Cultivate Lasting Symphony makes hardships his secret to success:

“Life’s too short not to try. Find the thing you absolutely love and make it your life.” – Craig Siegel. 

Craig Siegel is a Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Mindset Coach and Breakthrough Manufacturer. Before all these Craig left his stable career on Wall Street to follow his passion and purpose during the global pandemic. He began the Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS) which is about transformation and change of perspective. Mr Siegel is also the Host of the record-breaking podcast, The CLS Experience. He has also been featured on MSN and Yahoo Finance. Craig came on BIZTV and the award-winning CBS talk show, Wake Up With Marci.

Craig Siegel says one doesn’t have to fail before one reaches their goals. One should keep trying and striving. He says people spend time being sad and even they spend time doing things they don’t like to do such as jobs and relationships that they’re not passionate about. So, one might as well fail at something they do love. “People have always gravitated toward me and asked me for help in different areas. I have started and successfully launched multiple big businesses. I did transform from someone who couldn’t run a mile without stopping to conquering 4 marathons the very next year. I do have a story to tell and most importantly, I have a way to communicate that helps people feel inspired. My delivery lights a fire inside people that make them want more for themselves, and that’s what fuels my fire” says Craig.

When we asked him about all his achievements to date, Craig replied that he has made many achievements and some of them are that he got featured in Entrepreneur; Tapped as the next Gary Vee, Keynote Speaker to the alumni of St. John’s University about revamping your mindset in addition to the north of 20 summits and speaking engagements,  Crossed 100,000 downloads for the award-winning and record-breaking podcast,  Featured on Wake Up With Marci (CBS award-winning talk show) and Biz TV All In With Bryan Weatherford,  Sold out 10 back-to-back programs since launching CLS in 2020, including masterminds and private coaching which is now multi 7 figures. 

 Craig says that they have worked very hard day and night and within a short time, they have reached the top in this competitive market. He has new plans which he is working on nowadays and he wishes to take CLS to a next level.

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