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Daniel Everist, the Founder and CEO of Sprouter, Inspires Young Entrepreneurs.

Technology innovations, financing, and corporate culture have increased the power and leveraging of small businesses. Anyone can access a plethora of information and data from different digital platforms with an internet connection.

Daniel Everist is a young marketer and tech entrepreneur making headlines in the digital world. He is also the founder and CEO of Sprouter App, a digital platform enhancing connections between hundreds of college students. Daniel dropped out of college as a Sophomore to pursue the app idea when he was 19.

The innovative youngster launched Sprouter as a dorm room app idea for college kids to connect in September 2017. Daniel self-funded his business and was able to pivot during the Covid19 pandemic successfully. Interestingly, Daniel scaled the business faster than ever without having to downsize. Moreover, he launched a sister company to Sprouter, Sprouter Studios (full stack dev, content, and printing division) in 2020 and closed two seed funding rounds in 2022.

To date, the passionate technopreneur has done multiple business tours around the globe, such as visiting destinations like India, UAE, and Dubai. Besides, Daniel has lived in numerous cities across the US before settling in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Daniel admonishes people not to give up; he lends his voice to encourage young folks to remain persistent. “Dream big and work hard to succeed. Products take time to develop; hence you should endeavor to be patient enough to see results,” he asserts. Daniel looks forward to Sprouter making it to the international scene and, in the spirit of growth, continues to work tirelessly towards putting forward impressive features to help businesses grow.


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