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Dario Markovic, Digital Marketing Leader, on How to Stay in Control of Your Career in Today’s Fast-Paced Tech Age

As machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the blockchain rapidly evolve, their impact is being felt in nearly every industry in the world. Seemingly overnight, tasks are being automated by computers that can do them faster and more efficiently. The big question on many people’s minds is this: how will such incredible innovations affect their ability to find, and keep, a job? Dario Markovic, the CEO of the luxury fashion brand Eric Javits and a highly regarded digital marketer, has some suggestions for how to stay ahead of the technology that is transforming organizations. What it all ultimately comes down to, he believes, is one truth: no matter how much we innovate, we will always be in control of our own fate, even at work.

Remember that knowledge will inevitably become obsolete.

“When I graduated from business school in Switzerland, I had a diploma in my hand and had received a good education,” Dario says. “However, if I allowed myself to stop there, I risked becoming ignorant. The reality was that the world didn’t stop turning just because I had a degree. All sorts of innovations were happening every day in my field. I had to choose to keep learning.”

Dario eventually moved to Santiago, Chile, where he continued his education by taking online courses. His goal was to keep up with the ever-evolving world of technology, which looked very different from when he first entered the workforce. He dove into the ins and outs of digital marketing, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing and a new social media platform called TikTok.

“None of this was taught in college because, obviously, it didn’t even exist yet,” says Dario. “To keep going as a digital marketer, let alone become an expert, I had to study even though I had a day job. It’s the same choice we all face in our careers: learn or allow our knowledge base to become obsolete.”

Don’t be threatened by technology. Instead, think about how you can use it.

Dario empathizes with people who feel overwhelmed by both technology itself and its potential ramifications for their industries. He suggests, however, that they first read about and become more comfortable with its capabilities. That, in turn, can put them in a better position to determine how they can leverage it to do their jobs better.

“We all have a remarkable opportunity to evaluate what solutions like AI and machine learning can do and to ask questions,” says Dario. “Once we understand their potential, we can apply them to our tasks so that we can become more efficient in the workplace. That, in turn, will lead to more job security.”

At Eric Javits, Dario and his team keep up with the latest tools in digital marketing, which are transforming how they bring the brand’s digital storefront to customers as far away as South Korea and the Middle East. Dario agrees that while it is a challenge, by embracing technology, he has been able to customize winning digital marketing plans for everything from the Squishee® hat to shoes and purses, leading to the brand’s impressive international growth.

Remember that even in the age of AI, you’re in control of your career, not a machine.

In conversations with his peers and even neighbors, Dario has encountered two kinds of people: those who believe tech has grown so big that humans are irrelevant and those who think we can be in control of it.

“The age of WALL-E isn’t here yet – technology isn’t so evolved that humans don’t need to do anything anymore. Instead, it is here to serve us, not push us aside,” Dario believes. “To have a strong career path, I recommend remembering that it really is a tool, nothing more. It only replaces you if you allow it to become bigger than your own capabilities. At Eric Javits, we love AI, but we know that our employees are our real assets, not machine learning or algorithms.”

The takeaway for people who are uncertain about the potential impact of technology on their careers

“With or without technology, your career will always be a chess match whether you are a digital marketer, a teacher, a doctor, or something different. If you use tech wisely, it will help you to get one step closer to what you want to be or accomplish,” says Dario. “Don’t be afraid to test it out. These days, I myself am tinkering with AI and VR to allow Eric Javits’ online customers to try on hats and shoes. We are all in the same boat, really. Remember: only you can decide if it is sinking or sailing off into an exciting future.”

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