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Derek Wolf’s Mission to Spread Financial Literacy 

People believe life insurance is all about protecting your finances in times of crisis. This is true, but that’s not all life insurance does. Apart from protecting our family from financial ruin during an emergency, life insurance also offers several benefits when you are alive such as paying off debts, medical bills, living expenses, etc. Derek Wolf, an insurance specialist and senior field correspondent at Family First Life, is educating people on these hidden benefits. He is the president and CEO of Howling Wolves Financial Services, a company that works to help people get optimum financial benefits from their insurance policies. 

Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Derek learned the value of money quite early in life. He always believed in working hard to make money and never spending exorbitantly on anything he didn’t need. Derek’s father worked in the dairy and farm industry, while his mother was a civilian instructor for the Air Force. Later, his father moved on to head fleet maintenance for a major dairy produce transportation company and started his own trucking company when Derek was 12. When Derek was 14, his brother started a pressure washing company, and his sister ran a boutique shop. 

During his school days, Derek was active in 4-H and FFA, holding multiple offices. He even ran for national office showing cattle and was the troop leader in Boy Scouts. Derek was also active in the church as a youth event leader and altar server. At 18, Derek finished high school and became a volunteer at his local fire department where he helped revive outdated gear and equipment. He went to college with a scholarship worth over $100K that he earned through showing cattle through 4-H.In college, Derek joined the ROTC program and was immediately promoted to the position of platoon leader. Unfortunately, Derek could not continue in college that was away from his family as his father’s health took a turn for the worse.  

Derek completed his college from home, earning a degree in economics, finance, and business. During this time, he continued to run his own mowing and landscaping business he started when he was 12 years old. He also helped his brother with his pressure washing company along with his Dad’s semi transportation company. 

After graduation, Derek started working 70–90 hour weeks doing multiple blue-collar jobs along with his other side jobs to scale up his earnings. He had no personal life until he discovered the insurance industry. What started as a side hustle soon became Derek’s full-time interest and prime earning stream. Derek connected with a person on social media, and after a 2-hour phone call, he joined the Independent Marketing Organization, Family First Life insurance company. Since then, Derek has been helping people capitalize on their insurance premiums while they are alive. 

Unlike other brokers who only explain the benefits of an insurance policy, Derek makes an effort to educate his clients on taking control of their finances with their insurance policies. He has gone on to organize seminars and has also taken to social media to educate people on financial literacy. Soon his followers started growing as people became genuinely interested in what he was conveying. 

Derek has plans to reach more and more people through his company Howling Wolves Financial Services, helping them learn more about the financial benefits of insurance policies. He believes that taking control of one’s own finances is a valuable skill everyone should develop. He is trying his best to help others learn this skill and live more financially secure lives.


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