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Douglas James shows how to manage work and life balance when you are at the top:

We must have all heard of the proverb- “Actions make a man”. This has always been true and holds especially relevant for people in positions of power and authority. There have been many incidents of people with great wealth at their disposal not doing anything good for society and rather, only contributing to capitalistic suffering. And it always comes as disappointing news when a favourite artist or public personality lets their fame get to their head, becoming haughty and disregarding where they have come from and the people who have been with them on their way to success. 

However, one such person who has withheld his morals even in the face of success is Douglas James. Till a few years back, Douglas James was just another name in the US Navy, in the rank of a corpsman. But today, he is an extremely well-known and globally recognized digital marketing expert who has not only made a great name and riches for himself but has also helped hundreds of others to embark on their own journey to success. 

Besides being a very well-established entrepreneur and digital marketer, there are several other things that Douglas James really loves to do, he happens to have a very interesting personality in himself too. Moreover, being the fitness freak that he is, his faith is set on maintaining a balance between physical health as well as mental health, since both of these are extremely important and decide the advancement and growth of a man. a sound mind and body promote his sound way of living.

“I need to be there for a lot of people, and provided the 18 hours of the day, I have to be present for not just my daughter and wife but also for my employees and other customers who are involved in the business organisation, a lot is expected of me and I also enjoy living up to every person’s expectation. How can I ever let them down? This is the reason why I put a lot of effort into myself and my physical and mental health so that I can, in turn, be there for everyone else” says Douglas James

Although Douglas James remains extremely busy with his digital marketing command to entrepreneurship, coaching, training and also on maintaining his personal health, he never fails to find time for himself because my time is extremely important too. It helps a person reevaluate and reflect back on themselves so that they can improve on areas in the future, if needed, and become a better version of themselves with a little bit of personal time regularly. Truly he has been able to maintain a healthy balance in everything he does. 

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