Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Dr. Sergei Kalsow Has Brought Awake Surgery to The World of Plastic Surgery Through Its Advanced and Skillful Techniques.

A new technique is becoming famous in the world of plastic surgery called “wake up surgery”. Dr. Sergei Kalsow has made awake surgery accessible to the masses through its advanced and skill techniques, based on meeting the demand of its patients. Today, more and more patients are undergoing awake surgery. Unlike a traditional surgery, where patients have to faint during surgery due to the effect of anesthesia, awake surgery is performed only with anesthesia on local organs. In the world of plastic surgery, patients are now more preferred to wake up surgery over their surgeries where general anesthesia is used. In awake plastic surgery, the patient undergoes surgery with local anesthesia alone. Dr. Awakened During Plastic Surgery Enables the patient to provide valuable feedback to Sergei Kalsow. The increasing demand for awake surgery stems from the three main benefits that patients can get from this type of procedure. First, the patient can view the procedure in real time and give feedback to the surgeon so that they can get accurate results. Secondly, being awake and aware of what is happening during the process can help the patient feel less stressed or anxious about it. Third, because awake surgery is generally much less invasive than more traditional surgery, the time required to recover after surgery is significantly reduced.

Dr. Sergei Kalsow has also applied awake surgery techniques to his patients in which he has been successful and today he is known to perform awake surgery in New York City while the patient is awake, at the same time the patient is always under general anesthesia. There is an option to go if they wish. Most surgeons, who are capable of performing awake surgery, specialize only in the operation of a specific part of the body. Dr. Sergei Kalsow’s plastic surgery skills allowed him to work on almost all the parts of his patient’s body that his patients wanted. According to Dr. Sergei Kalsow, plastic surgery has come a long way, and many of the existing techniques will also be improved in the near future. Dr. Sergei Kalsow also agrees that the effects of some surgeries can be achieved through exercise as well. Sergei Kalsow feels that surgery can produce quicker results, and people should also have the option of doing things easier if they want to.


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