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Dynamic Wellness Wheel, SmartProtein, Rebrands To Nutriv With Simplified Solutions In Practical Health

Over-supplementation is a growing concern amongst health and wellness professionals, detailed in-depth by a recent story from WebMD. With so many routes and roadmaps unfolding at our feet, it can be difficult to make informed decisions on how to improve the wellness of our body and mind without over-consuming our assets. Back in 2020, SmartProtein disrupted the wellness space with their comprehensive, vegan protein powder, which was well received by consumers and critics alike. The botanical supplement achieves a robust standard of wellness without getting weighed down by fluff or folly, but most importantly it streamlines the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle, removing the guesswork and simplifying our daily intake of nutrients. Today, the company has rebranded as Nutriv, a movement committed to elevating our health by way of aerial mobility and transparency. Nutriv offers a platform for personal wellness that informs, educates, and promotes a more objective position on human health, because there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to our body and mental wealth, but there is a simplified way of getting back to basics.

It’s clear that the wellness space is saturated and oftentimes cluttered with polarizing information, dealing a double dose of uncertainty and content consumption for curious consumers. As it stands today, conducting a simple Google search for “improving mental health” yields a whopping 557M results, the engagement cone hard at work to elevate the most popular pages. From this vantage point, where can people turn for a condensed solution to their nutritional needs?

Nutriv’s flagship blend, SmartProtein, packs a punch with essential vitamins and minerals that cover a range of targets, including brain health. The powders are built with natural ingredients like L-Theanine, a naturally occurring nootropic found in green tea leaves that strengthens our brain power. To support their informative vision, the company maintains a voice on their website that dives deep into practical wellness techniques––tips and tricks on how to live healthier with ease. One of their more compelling entries dissects the allure of nootropics and their role in achieving a balanced state of wellness for mind, body, and soul. At its core, the goal of Nutriv is to educate and empower individuals to take control of their health and put the power of wellness in their own hands. Their simplified model for balance currently comes in vanilla or chocolate flavors, but the pursuit of a better body and stronger mind goes beyond powders or supplements. Above all else, it’s a lifestyle choice.

In addition to the company’s on-site offerings, Nutriv also believes in the power of community and building bridges where they serve a common goal. Earlier this month, Nutriv hosted a giveaway with Arete Wellness, a premiere destination for personal growth located in Nashville, TN. From March 6-16, Nutriv and Arete offered a two-month membership opportunity to Arete Wellness for participants, a smart match when you consider the lifestyles that both powerhouses seek to inspire. This kind of collaboration is commonplace with Nutriv, who understands that our body’s needs will differ person-to-person and thus requires a unique approach to every situation. 

For this reason, Nutriv’s protein blends are a broad-spectrum choice that lead with inclusivity and adaptability. The supplements include other critical ingredients like cinnamon, a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory root, and pea protein, which stacks high in iron to improve muscle development. To curb our society’s codependence on over-supplementation, Nutriv recommends no more than four servings per day, which can be easily integrated into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

“Healthy” doesn’t have to be hard, and Nutriv is dedicated to redefining our understanding of simple maneuvers and where they work into our wellness routines. The company is a leading force in personal growth and development, because the root of a balanced lifestyle begins from within; a healthy mind begets a healthy body, and the rest is sure to follow.  


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