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Echoes of a Dream: FACEvsIT’s Quest to Reignite Latino Hip-Hop

There’s a palpable energy brewing in the streets of Los Angeles, a rhythmic heartbeat that echoes the spirit of a culture, often overlooked but vibrantly alive. This energy, this spirit, is epitomized by the rising Latino hip-hop artist, FACEvsIT. Through his music, he’s redefining not only how the world perceives Latino artists in the hip-hop arena but also challenging the very fabric of the genre itself.

It’s a journey that resonates with memories. Childhood days imprinted with tunes from legends like Biggie and Tupac, emanating from school buses, to soulful evenings filled with merengue and cumbias at family gatherings. And yet, FACEvsIT’s journey is not just a reflection of the past, but a beacon for the future.

One can’t discuss FACEvsIT’s trajectory without delving into his groundbreaking project, “3FAC3S.” It’s an exploration into the myriad personas one juggles in today’s fast-paced world: the external, the internal, and the deeply personal. As listeners, we’re granted an intimate window into his world, a unique blend of LA vibes and Latin rhythms.

A particular highlight from this era of his career is the music video for “Go and Take It.” Scheduled to launch on August 11th, 2023, this visual journey is expected to merge FACEvsIT’s powerful lyricism with cinematic elegance. Produced in collaboration with Merchan Media Productions, it stands as a testament to his commitment to artistic excellence.

However, the music, as enthralling as it is, only represents one facet of FACEvsIT. Beyond the artist is a visionary. Faced with the challenging landscape of LA’s music scene, especially for a Latino MC, he decided to carve his own path. Not content with just personal success, he dreams of a world where Latino hip-hop artists flourish. Collaborations with Merchan Media Productions and plans to mentor the youth further underscore his dedication to the broader community.

This is the narrative of FACEvsIT: A tale not just of music, but of dreams, ambition, and unyielding perseverance. An artist who, through his beats, lyrics, and actions, aims to ignite a flame that’ll forever change the landscape of Latino hip-hop.

Eager to be a part of this revolution? Follow FACEvsIT’s sonic adventures on Spotify or delve deeper into his world through his Instagram.


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