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Elizabeth Fraley Is Reinventing Early Childhood Education With Kinder Ready, Inc.

When Elizabeth Fraley, M.Ed., observed preschoolers struggling to adjust to full-day school settings, she saw more than a problem; she saw an opportunity. Drawing from her decade-long experience in early childhood education, Elizabeth identified a pressing need and responded with a solution: Kinder Ready, Inc.

Her journey was challenging. As the former director of an early elementary program, Elizabeth consistently witnessed the scarcity of 1:1 learning experiences for children. In an era where adults often juggle multiple responsibilities, genuine, focused interaction between a child and educators has dwindled. Yet, Elizabeth firmly believed in its transformative power, a belief that became the bedrock upon which she built Kinder Ready.

Elizabeth holds a Master’s in education with specialized curriculum design and assessment training. She has over ten years of experience working with preschool to 6th-grade students. She studied philosophies like Montessori and Reggio Emilia to incorporate the best techniques into her teaching philosophy. Elizabeth aims to blend structured learning with a child-led approach to foster highly customized education.

Kinder Ready has been  featured in the LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Huffington Post, and even a book titled The Big Little Book of Awesome Stuff in a few short years. Elizabeth quickly established herself as a thought leader in early childhood education and was  recently interviewed on the Hallmark show Home and Family

Elizabeth concentrates on each student’s interests and learning styles in the Kinder Ready model to maximize engagement and advancement. She provides one-on-one instruction, which is rare for preschool-aged children. With individual attention, she can deeply understand how every child learns best, adjusting her techniques to suit each unique need. Elizabeth finds that tapping into a student’s innate curiosity and steering lessons toward their passions results in increased academic success and an ingrained love of discovery.

Elizabeth customizes weekly progress reports for parents, too. She provides actionable insights on nurturing their child’s growth and confidence inside and outside the classroom. Many parents appreciate a partner who helps reinforce learning at home. 

Building Kinder Ready was a labor of love. While the first two years required around-the-clock work, Elizabeth says it was all worthwhile. Her goal expanded from simply preparing preschoolers for kindergarten. She now aims to foster a lifelong love of learning. 

As Elizabeth reflects on Kinder Ready’s growth, she looks forward to expanding its reach, starting with a new Silicon Valley location. She dreams of bringing the company’s specialized brand of early childhood education to more communities. Elizabeth also hopes to further advocate for the immense benefits of one-on-one learning. She stresses that individual instruction allows efficient adaptation to each student’s strengths and challenges. It also enables children to gain academic skills while nurturing confidence, emotional intelligence, and collaboration abilities that ready them for educational and life success.

In an age where screen time replaces free play, focused learning opportunities with caring teachers grow ever more precious. Elizabeth Fraley cultivated these fruitful experiences for over ten years through her work as an early childhood expert. With Kinder Ready, she now shares her passion for fostering children’s growth across cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development purviews. She uses cutting-edge and custom-tailored techniques to guide the next generation of lifelong learners toward a bright academic future.


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