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Entrepreneurs Mikey Tanha and Tosh Berman are the new faces of hospitality:

Michael Tanha the CEO of a lifestyle hospitality company called Noble 33 that manages and oversees some of the world’s best high-energy fine-dining restaurants, entered the hospitality world in 2013 as CFO and Partner of The Madera Group and Tocaya Organica and was promoted to President in 2019 for both Companies. He also led the national and international expansion of the companies from 4 restaurants to over 25.

Noble 33 is a hospitality and lifestyle company with an ever-evolving lineup of unique, social dining restaurants stateside and abroad, Noble 33 leads the management and continued expansion of iconic brands Toca Madera and Casa Madera, while also developing brand new concepts that will further expand the boundaries of high-energy fine-dining.  Future targets for new locations include West Hollywood, Toronto, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, New York, and Dubai.

Being a President of 2 companies (The Madera Group and Tocaya) by the age of 40, he faced great challenges in earlier days trying to find a career that he loved. He was focused to earn money but also love the work that he was doing, he exclaims, “doing the work you love one will spend the extra time learning, spend the extra hours working, spend their free time educating themselves…and most importantly they are excited about working.  When you do what you love, you are always happy”.

 Mikey Tanha believes It’s all about building the right team and having the right partner.  Tosh Berman has always proved to be a perfect business partner.  While they have a lot of the same strengths, they also complement each other very well.  Tosh is more of an expert on the creative side of the business (i.e., design and menu creation) while Mikey Tanha excels more on the business side (deal structuring, business planning, management).  Together they make an unstoppable duo.  Additionally, you can only go as far as your team takes you, so they have assembled a really powerful team.  

Mikey Tanha has a motto that by the end of 2023, they will have flagship venues in 7-8 major cities worldwide. And Noble 33 being a premier lifestyle hospitality company internationally and offering guests that they won’t get anywhere else.

There is a lot more to know about Mikey Tanha and he is sure to go on to do many more great things before he finally retires. Stay tuned with Mikey Tanha and his achievements by following him on his social media profiles linked below:

Instagram: @mikeythegoat




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