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“Everything will get achievable and reachable”, claims the team at Ascend Agency, which is the rising most social media company of today.

The US-based firm explains the top benefits of using online PR.

Initially, when brands and businesses wanted to reach more people and gain more recognition in their industries, they depended on traditional forms of marketing and advertising. Fortunately, things today have transformed for the better and everything is available online for people to utilize and optimize. All of this have been possible due to the digital wave and the kind of positive disruptions it has brought across industries of the world. PR is something that has also evolved over the years and now extends far beyond any printed magazines and newspapers. However, it still has a major role to play to scale brands and help them gain the growth and success they desire, only change is that everything happens with online publications, at which Ascend Agency excels at, like no other firm in the industry. The agency that was initiated in 2019 has earned a growing list of clientele and have instilled more trust in them about the power of PR.

Sharing a few benefits of online PR, Ascend Agency’s team explains that it is something that ought to be a part of every marketing strategy today as it has the power and potential to lead people towards exponential success.

  • Gives incredible exposure: PR helps people and brands to get well-positioned in the online media space, which increases their brand awareness amongst their target audience and helps in enabling them to reach more potential customers.
  • Provides credibility: Before making any purchase, people search for how credible the brands are they are looking out to purchase from. PR is a winner strategy that provides positive coverage of brands in online publications, which offers them a strong presence on social media and improves their credibility, leading more people to make a purchase.
  • Higher search engine rankings: Ascend Agency has become a pro at providing people with higher rankings on Google with their expert articles on their clients, which get published on prominent online publications like Vogue, Inc, GQ, Forbes, etc.

Ascend Agency has given it their all to help rise their clients to the next level by creating more buzz around them with the expert articles they write about them combined with robust social media marketing, which further expedite their process of growth and helps them achieve their desired brand awareness, and more sales. To connect with them, follow them on Instagram @ascend or visit their website,


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