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Fitness Coach Kirk Anderson Is Helping People Live Healthy With His Sustainable Program

Weight loss is associated with certain preconceived notions like a strict diet and daily workouts for hours, which, in most cases, are untrue. Many people give up on their weight loss regime after failing to see visible results, or they are unable to sustain the results in the long term. A personal trainer can close this gap by helping people figure out a plan that works for them and is also sustainable. Certified personal trainer and nutritionist Kirk Anderson has been helping people meet their weight loss goals through tailored workout, diet, and supplement plans. Having defeated obesity in his 40s, Kirk has walked the path that many dream of but hesitate to embark on for fear of failure. 

Kirk was a successful business professional in his 30s when he discovered he was clinically obese. Kirk’s health deteriorated as he developed problems like high blood pressure and pre-diabetes symptoms. To restore his health in his late 30s, Kirk searched for weight loss plans and workouts on Google. He followed them to lose some weight but failed to sustain the result in the long term. Within a couple of years, Kirk regained his lost pounds without knowing how it happened and how he could prevent it. 

While working out at a gym in South Florida, Kirk met a female professional bodybuilder who changed his perspective on his weight loss journey. He underwent intensive training under two professional bodybuilders to see his amazing body transformation come to life. During his 40s, Kirk started feeling great and living better. Inspired by his personal weight loss journey, Kirk invested 4,000 hours in learning more about health, fitness, and nutrition to become a personal trainer. Now, his mission is to help people live better by transforming their bodies with sustainable health programs. 

Kirk was 45 when he achieved his weightless goal. Now at 49, he is still maintaining the body that he achieved through working out, a proper diet, and supplements. At 48, he deadlifted 415 lbs for two reps, squatted 315 lbs for two reps, and bench pressed 315 lbs for two reps. Having experienced the problems associated with being obese, Kirk, unlike any other personal trainer, can understand his clients’ challenges. He is not someone who blames obese people for being inconsistent with their diets or living a sedentary lifestyle. Kirk can help people who want to lose fat, and those who want to gain muscle mass. Whether it is about toning legs or naturally lifting butts, Kirk has a health regime for everyone. 

As a fitness trainer and nutritionist, Kirk is on a mission to help millions look great and feel even better. To him, weight loss is not just about hitting the gym—it is about making positive lifestyle changes to bring positive results that will be sustainable in the long run. According to him, anyone getting into a fitness plan for a weight loss regime will need a trainer or a guide. Just like someone standing by the pool cannot learn to swim without an instructor, an obese person cannot shed pounds by just hitting the gym. It is the whole process that needs professional guidance. 

Kirk hopes to change the world’s perception of fitness. To achieve this feat, his services are made available online to reach people beyond geographical barriers. With a compassionate heart to help people struggling with obesity and the motto, “Look Great, Feel Even Better,” Kirk is on his way to becoming a sought-after trainer in the fitness industry.    


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