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From being a D1 college athlete to one of the top stock market experts and educators, meet Gavin Mayo.

He talks about his journey on how he ended up becoming an influential personality in the stock niche.

There is probably nothing in this world that is unattainable or impossible to achieve. Some individuals in the world have gone ahead in proving the same thing in their own way by attaining success the way they wanted in the industry of their choice. They say most of the businesses today are run on social media platforms of other digital mediums, and rightly so, as after the pandemic, people and brands had to depend on these mediums either to sustain or grow themselves. Gavin Mayo took great advantage of TikTok to create videos on trading, which attracted the attention of many. This led him towards the world of Discord, where he accumulated thousands of members who wished to gain the right education on financial literacy, with an emphasis on stocks, giving rise to his business named Luxury Equities.

We made the 19-year-old CEO and educator from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania sit down to discuss about his journey so far. Read on to know how it all started for him.

“I began with trading stocks seven years ago as a 13-year-old going to high school. The stock market fascinated me the most and it was something I could see myself doing as I got older”, reveals Gavin Mayo. He says that he initially began with watching YouTube videos and messing around with stocks. At the end of his freshman year, he started to take it seriously and throughout the next few years, he traded in class and learned as much as possible. However, the youngster also highlights that trading was not his main focus then. He was a high school athlete who tried to get a scholarship for completing at a high-level Division 1 school for swimming. He even committed to the University of North Carolina and that was his main focus. 

Gavin Mayo then felt it was getting tough for him to keep up with the stock market while being a college athlete, but the pandemic changed many things for him. He had a lot of free time and focused entirely on trading and making money out of it. He even enjoyed teaching others about the same and hence, made a TikTok video. One thing led to another and he found Discord, where he decided to take his audience, which he gained on TikTok.

Today, he runs one of the largest stock Discord’s globally, making sure to provide accurate knowledge, insights and education to people, teaching them financial literacy, emphasizing on stocks. His business has made six figures already, a feat probably no other teenager stock market expert and educator may have achieved.

Connect with him on Instagram @gavin_mayo to know more.


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