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Gabriel Barajas talks about his success journey as a Restaurateur.

The founder of ‘Quieres TacosWay’ says there is no shortcut to success, and one has to go through the grind to achieve it. 

How did the Mexican restaurant ‘Quieres TacosWay’ made its way into the hearts of food lovers is an interesting read. “If your business is lagging or stagnating, use the power of social media as it has helped me resurrect my business well,” says Gabriel. The man who started the iconic Mexican restaurant which has now won the hearts of food lovers in the US had to go through a lot of hardships before he tasted real success. Coming from a modest family background, he has built his entire business on his own, by working day and night and giving his sweat and blood to build a flourishing restaurant business. How did it all began and how did he walk the path towards glory and reached the top in his entrepreneurial journey is very interesting to know. 

Gabriel was born in San Fernando, and his family migrated to Concecion De Buenos Aires in Jalisco, Mexico, when he was just 5. After a lot of struggles they faced in Mexico, the family was back from where they started and had to build up a new life again. Gabriels father suggested opening up a furniture store which got a nod from other family members and they were up with their new business which did pick up momentum with time. Soon it was time to open up a new outlet and they did establish the next one which failed miserably putting them under financial pressure. It was time to go back to their roots of selling food and soon Gabriel started selling hotdogs to keep the kitchen fire burning. “that was the toughest time of our lives which we surpassed by braving them with open arms,” says Gabriel. With time he managed to get hold of a place which he turned into a restaurant naming it ‘Quieres TacosWay’. 

The initial days were full of challenges as there were no customers and no business making Gabriel wonder what’s in store for him. He was determined and had made up his mind to never let go and with the aim to grab people’s attention created a theme song along with a video which got noticed well on social media attracting crowds to his outlet. Soon one could spot a long beeline outside his outlet of food lovers wanting to grab their favorite piece of tacos and fries for which they were famous for. Today, Gabriel has established four more outlets which have people throng at their favorite outlet close to them to grab a bite. Gabriel has got the brand to a different level, and customers who have tried their delicious fare are enough proof of it. 

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