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Generative AI Is Here: LA Startup Helps Kids Digitize their Own Creative Storytelling

The age-old art of storytelling is being revolutionized and digitized by the LA-based start-up SmartDreams to solve a problem shared by parents everywhere. While parents often cherish the moments spent reading classic children’s stories to their little ones, both parents and kids can grow weary of hearing the same tales on repeat.

SmartDreams, an innovative storytime adventure creation platform, was born from this relatable experience when a child requested a new story featuring specific narrative elements. By allowing children to instantly incorporate their ideas into a bedtime story, SmartDreams encourages creative expression and pushes the boundaries of a child’s imagination, ultimately sparing both parents and children the redundancy of hearing the same stories over and over.

Created by the entrepreneurial husband and wife team, Dr. Renee Dua and Nick Desai, SmartDreams supports the belief that a child’s mind is not only magical but also capable of crafting stories beyond their own imagination. This free app uses generative AI to help children easily create their own bedtime stories. Capturing the hearts and minds of kids and parents alike, SmartDreams is the first app to offer this unique experience to children ages 3 and up.

What sets SmartDreams apart is its unique ability to allow children to create their own stories based on their imaginations and inputs, ensuring that no two stories are alike. With every story as unique as each child, the platform can be used repeatedly without stories being repeated. Dr. Dua, the co-founder of SmartDreams, shared the inspiration behind the app, stating, “One night at bedtime, our daughter asked for a story about a bear, a forest, and a pizza. As I struggled to create an engaging story that included her in the process, I realized that other parents who treasure story time might also love turning their children’s minds into co-pilots for this nighttime ritual. That’s when we decided to create a solution that would bring the unique magic and childlike creativity to life.”

SmartDreams empowers children to become their own storytellers by instantaneously generating captivating narratives and illustrations based on their chosen story elements. Furthermore, the app ensures a private, secure, and safe interface requiring parental permission to operate, enabling children to safely save and share their storybooks and adventures with loved ones.

Offering hundreds of customizable options and characters, SmartDreams provides limitless story possibilities, making story time a brand-new experience each evening. The platform skillfully combines the power of generative AI with privacy and security, introducing children to the boundless capabilities of STEM fields and functions while demonstrating how science can unleash their inner creativity. The platform further aims to familiarize children with the ever-evolving technological landscape and get them excited about the power and magic of STEM fields as early as possible. The founders recognize that there is still so much to be discovered within STEM and that the possibilities these technical tools offer for children to bring their ideas to life are endless.

Envisioning a future where SmartDreams becomes a foundation for a new kind of interactive education, Dr. Renee Dua and Nick Desai hope to encourage creativity and equality while enabling kids to embrace their roles as creators, which is ultimately their most naturally happy place. SmartDreams is now available for free on the Apple App Store.


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