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How Eric Edge Helps Businesses Get the Attention They Deserve

“If you can get your product or service in front of the right people at the right time, most of the work is done.” This is the principle that successful digital marketer Eric Edge believes in, and the one that guides his interactions with clients.

Eric Edge is a digital marketer in both the B2B and B2C industries, where he has worked for over ten years now. He focuses on lead generation and getting businesses the attention they deserve.

Edge’s strategies cover both organic and paid advertising methods. He is an expert in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, email, text messaging, and influencer marketing.

According to Edge, a company’s product or service should be held to a high standard, but that’s just a fraction of the work. A business must get that product in front of the right audience for it to break through in its industry. That’s where he comes in.

Momentum is Eric Edge’s first priority when working on any project. As much as he appreciates laying out a brilliant strategy, he says execution of the plans is what ultimately matters. He, therefore, creates strong messages and offers from the get-go.

Edge also figures out the most effective channels that can scale quickly. He does not tolerate fluff or qualitative methods. He focuses on the results and starts every project with the end in mind, instead of wasting time with theories.

Before settling in digital marketing, Edge dabbled in a lot of other industries, which helped his career trajectory. He says, “While it was frustrating early on, the benefit was that when I finally found what clicked for me, all my previous experience, connections, and strategies from other niches gave me an edge. I’m not one-dimensional, and I can easily draw ideas from other industries that most people can’t.”

Outside of business, Edge has fought MMA, trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for over a decade, and rode motorcycles across four continents. He is also a licensed skydiver and loves adventure. Edge says that tasting life from all angles has helped him come up with great and unique ideas. “Most of my great ideas come from obscure sources.”

Edge’s team is also integral to his success. He says putting his head together with other creative and technical entrepreneurs who can also execute plans is the most rewarding part of his job. He finds fulfillment in crossing the finish line together with the team.

The other weapon in Edge’s arsenal is having a vast network. He says, “My network spans many countries. It’s awesome to be connected to so many bright and interesting people all over the world. Intentionally building my network has been one of the highest ROI activities to date.”

Edge also draws inspiration from the failed businesses he’s had in the past before he started winning big. He admits that for anyone in business, failing is inevitable. Both winners and losers fail. However, while the losers continue wallowing in their losses, the winners rise. They just keep swinging until they hit their target. That’s what he does when the going gets tough.

Edge believes that if someone wins, it’s their responsibility to lend their hand to someone else who is trying to get up. That’s what he plans to do when he exits the game of business.

He loves art and stories, and he would like to create something with an underlying message someday. That will be either short films or professional writings. Until then, Eric Edge will continue working with business owners on exciting projects.


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