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How Hamza Ali Is Leveraging Social Media to Change Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is considered one of the top investments because it has been reliable regardless of market cycles. When done correctly, CRE can also provide a strong and stable cash flow to the investor/developer, which has seen many people join the field and even start building their own commercial properties. But like any other venture, there are several obstacles that make it difficult for real estate specialists to grow their portfolio and have people take an interest in their properties. This is part of the reason Hamza Ali started his online brand.

Involved in the commercial real estate industry for over ten years, Hamza is leveraging his experience and business skills to make a difference in the field. He is using his social platforms to share valuable tips that will help other investors and developers find success.

Hamza Ali also shares bits of his journey to the top to encourage and empower other young entrepreneurs. Starting and building a successful business venture in any field is not easy. There are many challenges, from inadequate capital to fierce competition, which makes it challenging to attain your goals. But that should not be enough reason for you to give up, says Hamza.

When Hamza Ali started his journey in commercial real estate, he did not have the right resources. He explains that he had just moved to the US and could not access bank loans because of his credit score, which made it difficult for him to raise enough funds to build his project.

While it was challenging, Hamza did not give up. He continued working on his ideas, and he finally got the money to purchase his first piece of land. He then acquired a construction loan that helped him build the first phase of his office warehouse and rent it out. A few years later, Hamza completed the building, turning a $1M development into a $16M exit.

He now encourages others in the industry to fight for their dreams as he shares tips and some of the lessons he learned along the way. Hamza has built a personal brand on social media and has over 79K followers on TikTok and 52K on Instagram. He is using these platforms to assist fellow investors and developers expand their portfolios and increasing their revenue.

Hamza is also using social media to promote his commercial flex spaces and generate more leads. His solid network has helped him cement his place in the Texas commercial real estate industry, with his strategies disrupting the whole space. Hamza has raised over $5M on TikTok for investments and helped several of his followers underwrite their deals.  

As CRE continues to grow, Hamza Ali is using his social media to transform the space and make it easy for other investors and developers to launch their ventures. He is equally changing commercial real estate marketing and redefining how real estate investors/developers interact with their prospects.


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