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How Levi Lascsak Built a Million-Dollar Real Estate Business Through YouTube

Success has a different meaning for everyone. Some believe they’re successful enough if they make enough money, while others correlate it with working towards something they are passionate about. The real estate industry is growing rapidly, and talented people have been able to make a name for themselves. 

One of these talented and dedicated real estate agents is Levi Lascsak. What makes him unique is his ability to utilize social media, especially YouTube, to promote his work. Levi and his partner Travis Plumb released their first YouTube video as new real estate agents on December 5th, 2020. 

The channel grew exponentially in one year, and later in April of 2021, they closed their first deal through the connection they built via their YouTube channel. Since that day, Travis and Levi have been closing important deals for their real estate agency.

Levi was able to generate over 164 transactions, $90 million in production, and about $2.7 million just in commission. This growth was organic, and nothing was spent on ads. With this speed, it became one of the fastest-growing and most viewed YouTube channels in Dallas, Texas.

After the leads Levi and Travis have been able to generate, they look forward to spreading a message of hope and helping others do the same. They aspire to teach others how to earn millions in commission while selling real estate without spending on advertising. 

The primary reason behind Travis and Levi’s success has been the hard work they’ve put in. They’ve managed to be patient and kept working towards the objectives they set for themselves. Moreover, understanding YouTube algorithms and producing quality content helped them establish their business and earn major revenue. 

Chasing clients or hard selling has never been their strategy. Their content speaks for itself, and people have been interested in collaborating and working on various property-related deals. They firmly believe that anyone can generate a six-figure income through YouTube if they learn how to tell a story, edit well, and optimize their content.

However, there have been a few challenges throughout this journey. People who were unhappy with their success tried to sabotage it by criticizing and giving constant backlash. But Levi and Travis tried to take this positively and learned from the non-stop criticism. 

There is a lot to learn from their journey to success. They advise up-and-coming real estate agents to prepare a plan of action before they start. In addition to that, they also suggest having a professional marketer on board. This expert can rapidly maximize the revenue a business generates, but in the end, the biggest teacher is experience.

Levi and Travis plan to hit a billion dollars in sales in the coming 5 years. They’re growing fast because of the targets they’ve set for themselves. Pushing yourself is crucial, and their journey has proved that.

Young and driven individuals like Travis and Levi are an inspiration for many who dare to dream and chase their goals. The Reel Agents have a lot of potential and will continue to expand further if they keep moving at the same pace. 


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