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How Presdon Luczek Is Dominating The South Florida Real
Estate Market Today

Experts are telling us that property prices in South Florida are likely to increase by another 6% next year. This has largely been due to new businesses and residents relocating from high paying tax areas such as New York, increasing South Florida real estate demand. This increase has mostly been seen in areas such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Palm Beach.

This in demand area spans more than 6,000 square miles and three counties – Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County and has greater than 6 million residents. When new residents want to make the move to South Florida, they often flock to Presdon Luczek to find or list their luxury property. Presdon has lived in South Florida mot of his life giving him great insight into the job market, increasing population, and living conditions which have made the region the ideal location for national and international business/investments seeking appreciation.

Presdon does not just sell regular homes – he offers people a complete lifestyle: oceanfront views, award winning architecture, access to exclusive events with celebrity and athlete clientele. For example, in a recent transaction with supermodel Rachel Bush and her husband, Jordan Poyer (Buffalo Bills #21), he sold Rachel Bush and Jordan Poyer’s home in Lighthouse Point, FL.

In addition, Presdon offers complete digital marketing solutions and a highly strategic campaign. Poyer and Bush were extremely pleased with the transaction. Presdon has an innate desire to innovate and improve, constantly challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries with creative solutions to enhance the client experience.

One such contribution to his clients is his streamlined solution to floor plan design. The previous industry standard required multiple vendors and often burdened the consumer with unexpected costs and hassle. Agents were stuck with limited floor plans, one-dimensional graphics, outdated virtual tours, and a lack of helpful information about the amenities and features.

Presdon took matters into his own hands and re-engineered the antiquated process to make it simple and offer high-caliber plans for less money in a shorter amount of time, taking two days instead of weeks with inaccurate dimensions. Presdon has made significant upfront investments toward a production team that creates high-quality content for his luxury properties. Many of his competitors don’t see high-quality content as a priority.

However, Presdon believes that high-quality content can shape the buyer’s perceptions. “When it comes to marketing, the focus should be on influencing people’s emotions, and you have seconds to catch a client’s attention in the new digital age.

Higher quality content grabs that attention on outward-facing media, and we offer the cutting edge in content production for these reasons.” Content by Presdon’s team will present your luxury property through the highest and most thorough possible production process; 7-11 hour shoots are no feat to create the perfect photoshoot for Luczek and his team. He caters to a high net-worth demographic. Consumers see your property content, engage, and form an emotional connection; while viewing the videos and other content, they take a virtual journey through the property, along with the surrounding area and lifestyle.

Be sure to follow Presdon on social media to keep up to date with his new listings and expert advice within the South Florida real estate market.


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