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How REV Energy Gum Has Taken the Industry by Storm

Energy drinks are becoming more and more popular as people look for ways to boost their performance, better their concentration, and remain more energized. The industry has also witnessed new brands coming up to fill the growing market gap. 

REV GUM is one such brand that identified an existing gap in the market, and now their energy-boosting gum is taking the industry by storm. According to Blake Settle, CEO of REV GUM, the gum was founded out of necessity, and he wanted to help all people do more by boosting their energy. Blake has type 1 diabetes, so he has struggled to find a sugar-free energy drink.

One night, he recalls studying in the college library and looking for something to keep him awake. Unfortunately, as it was late at night, no coffee shops were open, and the university vending machines only had energy drinks that contained sugar. The only available option for Blake was sugarless chewing gum, but that didn’t have much effect as they had no caffeine. This was the start of his journey, and years later, he founded REV GUM.

As a chemical engineering graduate from the University of Texas, the knowledge and skills he has acquired over the years have enabled Blake to combine caffeine and gum perfectly. The end result is a sugar-free, low-calorie, and effective energy gum.

Among the factors that make REV GUM stand out from the rest is its high-caffeine content, which allows its consumers to boost their energy much faster. Their 60 mg regular strength REV GUM has the caffeine equivalent to an espresso shot in each piece, and the extra strength contains caffeine amounting to two shots of espresso. This makes REV GUM for everyone, from the thrill-seekers to travelers, partygoers, etc.

Additionally, their priority on customer satisfaction and skilled team has enabled them to cement their spot in the industry despite the competition. REV GUM’s ability to deliver has helped them build and establish trust with its target audience, which has led to repeat customers and increased referrals. Robb Hewett, their marketing director, is a seasoned lifestyle marketing leader with vast experience in marketing sports and energy drinks. He is also the former director of brand marketing for Monster Energy.

Reed Burch, the CFO, is a talented and savvy finance professional, and Matt Sherriff, CSO, is a C-store sales legend who once worked at Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. The skills and experience they have gained working in different sectors give them an upper hand as a team. In 2019 after launching their energy gum in Buc-ee’s, REV GUM quickly became their top-selling product, opening to door for more opportunities. They have secured spaces in Loves, Pilot, 7-Eleven, AAFES, and CK Midwest. In October this year, they partnered with Hudson News, and as stated by Blake, they will be going live at WAWA stores in December.

REV GUM is just getting started. True to their goal, they are redefining the industry and making energy-boosting gum that everyone can enjoy. They have a variety of flavors, including peppermint and spearmint. They are currently in the process of launching four new SKUs: Spearmint Regular and Extra Strength & Polar Mint Regular and Extra Strength, which will give the customer more choices.


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