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How Wealth Advisor Sebastian Guerra Is Making People Retirement Ready

Early retirement brings loads of opportunities to travel, start a new business venture, spend more time with family, or resume a long-lost hobby. However, there might be a downside to it as well. People fear retiring early because of the risk of running out of money. This is where Sebastian Guerra, the expert wealth counselor, is helping people achieve the financial stability needed to retire early without sacrificing their lifestyle. Sebastian is the managing partner and president of Guerra Financial Group, a registered investment advisory firm. 

With a double major in finance and entrepreneurship from the prestigious University of Miami School of Business, Sebastian started his career as a financial advisor with Guerra Financial Group. The firm was founded by his father, Mauro Guerra, who was living the American dream, but the company needed to develop a solid financial backing to run month-to-month operations. When Sebastian stepped in, the firm had no financial reserves to protect them against an economic downturn. From that position, Sebastian scaled up the firm to manage millions per year. 

Sebastian and his brother Fabian Guerra, currently the CEO of Guerra Financial Group, share a common goal of helping people become retirement ready without living completely dependent on a 9 to 5 job. Sebastian wants people to reach a state of financial independence where work becomes optional and is not an obligation. Sebastian believes every family needs a tailored financial plan to safeguard their savings and reduce taxes. So he designs financial strategies based on the lifestyle clients want to live.

Currently, Sebastian supervises a team of 30 wealth professionals at Guerra Financial Group, helping more than 3,000 clients across the country implement investment strategies, tax planning, retirement income planning, healthcare asset protection, and estate planning. As someone who has walked the path himself, scaling up his net worth from zero to millions, Sebastian is a practical coach when it comes to anything involving finances. He is obsessed with financial planning, be it investing, planning estates, creating passive income streams, structuring life insurance, leveraging debt to grow wealth, saving taxes with advanced strategies, or planning pensions.

Besides being an expert in financial planning, Sebastian is also a public speaker who educates people on the importance of financial planning. To date, Sebastian has organized more than 500 public speaking sessions, helping over 15K families realize the need to strategize their finances for better investments and tax saving. He has hosted radio shows related to finance and business on 1080 TheBiz, Caracol Radio, Mambi/WQBA Radio Stations, and more. Sebastian authored a book titled Be Retirement Ready: Work Because You Want To, Not Because You Have To and is the co-author of The Retirement Ready Story

Under Sebastian’s passionate guidance, Guerra Financial Group has become a one-stop shop for families to reach their income, retirement, estate, and tax saving goals. Unlike other advisory firms that specialize in only one field of finance, Sebastian and his team are capable of offering the A to Z of financial services. Sebastian has also coached over 1K financial planning firms and more than 8K insurance agents. 

Sebastian is looking forward to taking Guerra Financial Group’s vision to the next level in the coming years. His goal is to help 10K families become retirement-ready in the next three years, while scaling up the firm to manage billions in financial assets. 


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