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Komey Tetteh Is Helping People Get Unexpected Returns Through Hedge Funds

To quote Warren Buffett, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” And what better way than investing in high-return markets to multiply wealth while you sleep? Hedge funds are arguably the safest of all financial investment channels known so far because of the positive returns they generate in both rising and falling markets. However, many people may not know that they boost the rate of return in hedge funds as well by investing under an experienced hedge fund manager. Komey Tetteh is a freelance hedge fund manager converting dollars to millions for many with his years of knowledge and experience in various financial markets. 

Komey scaled up his career from a hustler to a business investor and financial trader and is currently a freelance hedge fund manager. His financial struggles started at the age of 15 when Komey started living on his own. He was working all night while continuing with school and college during the day. This went on for years until Komey reached university, when he became homeless. With a student bus pass, he used the bus as shelter and showered at the gym. He eventually landed a job that agreed to pay him a couple of weeks in advance to finally get a roof over his head. 

After obtaining his university degree, Komey started his career as a service desk executive in one of the top accounting firms. He soon realized that a job and a savings account in a bank could never make him rich. In 2010, Komey started investing in stocks, and since then, he has never looked back. After gaining considerable experience in stock trading, Komey started managing portfolios, growing them into multi-million-dollar funds today. He became a freelance hedge fund trader in 2017 after displaying superior, consistent returns in the financial markets, offering his services to various institutions. Initially, he started by using the average tools available to produce extraordinary results in the financial markets and eventually scaled up to manage hundreds of millions in hedge funds. 

Komey’s most recent venture is the Institutional Trader Gap Project, where he enables traders to communicate directly with the markets using advanced bridge technology. This project removes the middleman by giving professional traders direct liquidity terminals that were previously a privilege limited to the wealthy. While hedge fund managers usually own or work for an organization, Komey is freelancing to add value and additional strategies to existing funds without limiting his skills to any organizational protocol. 

Komey is renowned for trading regulated products under the supervision of the top global jurisdictions and highly regulated ASIC (Australia regs) and FCA (UK regs) funds. Struggling his way up through hardships and financial crises, Komey knows the importance of returns for investors and entrepreneurs. He stands out by not just offering unique hedge fund services not common in this space but also in terms of returns he generates for his clients. 

Going forward, Komey Tetteh wants to continue as a freelance fund manager who bridges the wealth gap in the market through disruptive finance strategies. He wants to leverage his knowledge and experience to manage a staggering 9 figures across all funds and deals signed.


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