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Learn all about the life and struggles of Benny Da Jeweler:

To take a trip through his past, Benny Nisanov, popularly known as Benny Da Jeweller, has been a jeweller for the longest time now since his father passed on his business to him after working successfully for years. In 1988, Moshe Nisanov and Bella Nisanov, his parents, immigrated from Uzbekistan and Israel. Being from a middle-class family, his father worked hard as a worker at a jewellery enterprise. Benny was only eight years old when he started to take an interest in his father’s business, back then his father also had gathered up 20 years of experience and was quite successful. Watching his father work like this inspired Benny Nisanov to do something in his life. He knew from the very beginning that there are no shortcuts to achieve success in life.

Benny Nisanov went to Forest Hills High School but due to personal issues, he was not able to complete his education. Even after dropping out of high school, he didn’t stop pushing himself towards his goal, he began to work for his father and gradually he mastered his talent as a jewellery designer. Slowly but steadily, he picked up the art and when he was finally skilled enough to take over, Moshe Nisanov made his son the new head. Benny later went on to marry his wife, Freida, in 2017, with whom he also has two lovely children. According to him, his father provided him with a lot of inspiration and the dedication that was portrayed helped him to accomplish so much in both the personal and professional aspects of his life. 

Obviously, Benny Nisanov has worked hard enough and now he has a business on the 47th St of NYC functioning for five years now, well established and very popular in the diamond district of the city. One can only imagine the demand since it is located in one of the busiest places in New York City. He has worked with many big names such as Casanova, Mary J. Blige, Bobby Shmurda, The Famoustube Family and Jake Paul to name just a few. After a very long service, Benny is yet looking forward to expanding his business furthermore in the United States. We do not have the location of the confirmed places where he is willing to establish a chain, but you will certainly be aware of his upcoming projects once they are functioning. Some of his popular upcoming projects include 4 custom made pieces for French Montana, which is anticipated to break his own record for making a design over a quarter a million dollars. 

To know more and be a part of the Benny Da Jeweller experience, follow him on:

Website: http://www.jewelsbybenny.com

Instagram handle: @bennydajeweler

Email: Bennythejeweler@gmail.com


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