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Learn How Shawn Meaike is helping all the families in the society:

Family First Life is an independent Marketing organization which was launched in 2013 by Shawn Meaike. Shawn Meaike is the founder and president of Family First Life. Shawn has built a company, Family First Life which truly puts the families of their clients and the families of their agents first. It has generated over 10 million in paid premium in the first year of business. 

Their motto is:

-“We believe in loyalty and honesty.”

-“We believe in empowering not enabling.”

-“We believe hard work can change lives for the better.”

The company represents 17,000 licensed agents in 50 states marketing mortgage protection, final expense, life insurance and annuities. In 2021, the company is projected to reach over $600 million dollars in issued paid premiums. Their goal is to have the highest paid agents in the industry and serve more families than any other IMO.

Shawn Meaike says that after his career in social work, he needed to do something different in life. He has a different life vision, he wanted to help the most families in every way. What makes them stand out in this competitive market is that from the time in 2014, when they had an inception, as mentioned before Shawn says that they always had the mission to put families of their clients and agents first.

Thus, Family First Life aims to make the family of their agents their first priority. They believe Trust and loyalty is not given it is earned and the people who are working at Family First Life will give everything they have to earn it with their clients and their agents.

Shawn Meaike advises all the people that they can achieve everything with a great attitude and mindset. No one is successful if they sit idle and think magic will happen and one fine morning, they will be successful. One has to struggle day and night, expand their knowledge and put in all their effort if they want to achieve their goals. Shawn Meaike also faced obstacles in his life, he was indirectly or directly demotivated many times but he chose not to quit. He worked hard, tried something different and today his company which is called Family Life First is at the top in the industry. Shawn Meaike is an inspiration for many youths and people who have lost their track and are on the verge of giving up. Shawn Meaike and his team with their hard work will gain more name for the company in the near future.

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