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Lessons in Entrepreneurship: How Lukas Schirmer Turned His Dreams into Reality 

Someone’s talent doesn’t have to be fixed—it can be multifaceted. This will help a person explore more career opportunities and unlock different ways of finding success in multiple industries. Lukas Schirmer is a multi-talented entrepreneur who has been scaling businesses in diverse areas of expertise, setting an example for aspiring talents in Germany and internationally. Lukas stands out for being extremely good with numbers, which is evident from his degree in theoretical mathematics, but that doesn’t mean the 26-year-old is not gifted with a creative mind. He excels in photography, design, and digital marketing. 

Starting his journey in school in 2009 at the tender age of 13, Lukas never left a single area of his interests unexplored. From being a philanthropist to a successful entrepreneur and even a coach, Lukas has achieved success in not just one but several aspects of life. He is also an angel investor financially supporting a portfolio of companies in the realm of marketing and e-commerce. On top of achieving his degree in theoretical mathematics, Lukas also finished in the top percentiles at one of the biggest universities in Germany. 

During his university career, Lukas also worked as a professional photographer alongside studying and volunteering activities. He founded a e-commerce agency that is currently running successfully in its eighth year. Lukas was also a pioneer in digital marketing when it was in its infancy. He started digital marketing with Instagram in 2012 and gradually expanded to TikTok in 2015. Lukas has been the CEO of two successful companies, all while volunteering to help refugees in Germany from Syria. 

Lukas is an ardent follower of Christian values and never hesitates to contribute to society. He took care of special needs children, refugees and organized community festivals for children while also organizing fundraisers and book sales for breast cancer and diabetes. Going forward, Lukas wants to start his own philanthropic organization to support underprivileged groups not only in his country but around the world. 

Coming to Lukas’ business ventures, the young entrepreneur owns an e-commerce agency, Twist & Schirm. The agency has 8-figure advertising budgets annually under management. Twist & Schirm has worked for hundreds of clients over the years, including some S&P Global 1200 companies. The company’s internal and external media buyers have a combined experience of decades. The team comprises ex-Google Ads and Meta Ads professionals who have unparalleled insight into the field. 

Besides managing a team of experts, Lukas has also introduced an online course educating people on the e-commerce industry. For years, Lukas and his team have been working on creating ads for e-commerce companies in the German-speaking market and were even awarded as the top agency based on client satisfaction. Apart from scaling up Twist & Schirm, Lukas is also gradually developing a synergy of companies with his investment portfolio. He is mainly investing in marketing companies to create a whole e-commerce supply chain. Some of the companies Lukas has already invested in include GoTiger, Wonnda, Yamuntu, and The Plant Box, to name a few. 

Building a team from scratch to deliver the best services at the most affordable rates to the client was not easy for Lukas. Managing a team of professionals who are more experienced than him has also been a unique experience for the 26-year-old, but he took it all as a lesson to grow as an entrepreneur and investor. He will continue expanding his portfolio of e-commerce businesses while reaching clients internationally beyond the German-speaking market. The goal is to revolutionize marketing technology to make Google Ads, Meta Ads, and TikTok Ads more accessible to the broader markets. He also aims to provide better PPC quality in an affordable range with a SaaS offering in the future.


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