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Levon Movsessian’s 2 year passion project in collaboration with Rolls Royce & Madiian

Levon Movsessian, a successful entrepreneur, had a vision to create a customized Rolls Royce inspired by his company that brought him his success. A daily form of a reminder that represents who he is, his lifestyle, his family & his inspirations.

Rolls Royce is known to be the absolute pinnacle of luxury in the automotive industry. Their vehicles are made with such precious care that one could say they are more of an art piece than a vehicle.
Levon wanted to uphold this tradition and incorporate something extra special. He worked
together with his mother, Madiian Art, a talented artist who put her dreams on pause for her family decades ago. This was a perfect project to reinvigorate her passion & bring her back into the light, which is where she belongs.

From the 1 of 1 bespoke paint, stitching of the seats, hand drawn insignias to the unique hood ornament, every aspect of Levon’s 2022 Rolls Royce Ghost was meticulously designed. With the approval from Rolls Royce, the spirit of ecstasy was replaced by a Phoenix. The hand-crafted Phoenix is made out of solid gold, encrusted with diamonds on the wings & red diamonds in its eyes. But the most important part of this ornament according to him is that it was sculpted & engineered by his mother. This is truly a never before seen design put on the already luxurious Rolls Royce.

How was this even all possible? At the age of 24, he bought his first Rolls Royce using Bitcoin. Levon captured the attention of Rolls Royce because he was the first to do such a large purchase of a luxury vehicle with the use of Cryptocurrency. Now, 5 years later, he is a proud owner of one of the most customized, fully loaded Rolls Royce’s in North America.

To learn more about what Levon has in store next, follow him on Instagram @levon_mov


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