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Maggie Jenson Is Encouraging Former Addicts to Go After Their Dreams

Mental health and addiction are undoubtedly sensitive topics. Many people are not equipped to have conversations surrounding these issues and those at the mercy of society’s beliefs and stereotypes. As a result, most addicts have little to no hope of full recovery or even getting their lives back in order. However, mental wellness champion Maggie Jenson believes that these people deserve better and have the potential to impact society positively.

Maggie is the founder of Magnify Progressive Wellness, a health concept devoted to being a one-stop shop for wellness with an emphasis on mental health. She is a well-known harm reduction expert who supports individuals in leading healthy lives without sacrificing themselves in the process.

Maggie founded Magnify Progressive Wellness to support those battling addictive behavior by empowering them to “think different in order to drink different, or never again.” She encourages them to develop a feeling of purpose and health consciousness. She leverages her progressive programming routines, nutrition science education, and awareness creation of success-oriented mentality concepts like the Laws of Achievement and the Science of Success all contribute to this.

Maggie’s influence on society is clear from the numerous lives she is transforming. More than 100% of her one-on-one clients have experienced success thanks to her. This covers 37 individuals she has encountered since she began in 2020. Maggie also helps clients from many different sectors, some of whom come to her for the fitness and nutrition program. These are people trying to cut back on their drinking, and she encourages these individuals to be bold enough to face their fears.

Your enthusiasm shouldn’t feel like forced labor or a grind and hustle. It shouldn’t feel like hard work or a tiresome grind. Instead, when you have the bravery and confidence not just to find your calling but to then go after it wholeheartedly, it will have a magnetic “flow-like” quality. People who go through this have come to terms with the notion that they are deserving of and capable of fulfilling their full purpose because it is what they most deeply desire. They actively reject the notions of failing or doubting themselves.

On the contrary, people who choose a path in life or a vocation with a clear purpose will have to put in a great physical effort to maintain their mental focus because they are only interested in the possibility that the end will make them happy. They do not love the process, so they will constantly remind themselves that bliss is right around the corner if they keep working hard. “These people are the ones who experience burnout and regret over not savoring every moment of their journey,” says Maggie.

To everyone battling addiction, Maggie advises you not to listen to coaches who believe “addicts don’t have money.” Instead, pick a different niche and believe in your course. You have limitless potential to become whoever you want, so don’t listen to anyone trying to drag you down. Go after what you believe in and put in the hard work to bring your dream to life.


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