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Makissv or Efthymios Savvidis Has Established Advanced Media, The Reliable Social Media Agency That Can Change Your Life

Are you looking for entrepreneurs who can change your life with the help of their advertising and social media marketing services? Then you are probably in the right place because this young man right here from Greece is capable of changing your entire life with the help of advanced Strategies and tactics. 

Efthymios Savvidis is a young man, only 16, and is popularly known as Makissv. You must have read about him because he is already pretty popular among well known celebrities, and Instagram models.

Social Media Agency

Makissv has recently come up with a wonderful idea that has been influencing a number of lives. His social media agency is well known for its advertising services and also marketing services, because it has helped out many celebrities come up brands and companies to expand their network.

Advanced Media is the agency that specialises in advertising. Advertisements have become very popular these days because their importance has been increasing especially in the pandemic time period, people need to be aware of the kind of services others provide and professionals also need to put forward their work in front of others, apart from their content.

How are they going to put forward their work and how are people going to be aware of the things happening around them? Simply by making use of advertisements that spread valuable information and targets the audience with the use of proper data, this is not possible without proper planning.


Makissv is certainly improving people’s lives with his outstanding services. It is exactly what people need right now, they need a proper entrepreneur who can attend to their marketing demands and do it without complaining and without disappointing them. He has never turned down a potential client and this is the reason why he is very popular among all of his clients, be it a celebrity or a brand.

Most of the time companies have specific demands that need to be fulfilled, related to advertising and social media marketing so Makissv personalises his work according to the demands. At this pace he is surely going to become one of the most popular entrepreneurs in Greece, not that he already is but there are a lot of future opportunities that he is yet to grab. Make sure to follow him on Instagram and participate in the three million family!


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