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Marketing expert Scott Popescu brings his skills to the Insta game, with BrookHaven Media:

Born in the early 1990s, Scott Popescu comes from a generation that was just learning to grow up with computers and the internet. Now, at the age of 27, Scott’s main source of income is from a life on the internet. He is now a self-made entrepreneur, being the founder and CEO of his marketing agency BrookHaven Media, and is also famous for being an Instagram influencer. 

Over the years, he has learnt skills like digital marketing, social media algorithm analysis, networking and strategizing, as well as designing campaigns. He has put his knowledge in these subjects to good use in BrookHaven Agency, where he plays a much bigger role than being just the founder. Scott’s personal touch is visible in every assignment his team undertakes and under his leadership, the company has helped thousands of brands reach a much larger audience, raising their annual turnovers to a 7-figure scale. 

Speaking of his team at BrookHaven Media, Scott Popescu is infinitely grateful to have a group of similar-thinking, open-minded and unique personalities to help him deliver the best to their clients. Without his team, BrookHaven Media would have still remained as just an idea at worst and a mediocre agency at best. 

Scott Popescu is also active on other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. He uses his platforms to provide an audience and future clientele for the brands he works for. To sign up for BrookHaven Media’s services, you can be either a firm or an individual. The scale of operation doesn’t matter to Scott as he has in the past worked with even single-manned brands and taken them to the level of 7-digit annual turnover. What matters instead, is the brand’s potential for growth and whether it is actively strategising to include a better and more profitable future. 

Being a social media influencer is also a big part of Scott Popescu’s life. His preferred social media platform is Instagram where he has over 600K followers. There are two things to unpack from this- firstly, this is a testimony of the very fact that Scott’s strategies and marketing methodologies are actually effective, as there are few other marketing agencies that have a big name for themselves. Secondly, it is a commentary on Scott Popescu’s character. In today’s world, many people make a living by being social media personalities and content creators. Having such a large and ardent following even though this isn’t even his main profession, just shows how magnetic and charming Scott’s personality is. 

Connect with Scott Popescu and BrookHaven Media on their social media links given below:

FB: Facebook.com/scotterly 

IG: Instagram.com/Scotterly

YOUTUBE: YouTube.com/scottpopescu


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