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Marketing Guru Dean Miller Inspires Others With His Journey

At 53, Dean Miller stands out as one of the top marketing minds in the country. He is an experienced and skilled marketer with over two decades in the industry. He is an exceptional professional who has succeeded in cementing his position in the business world. Dean has amazed many with his unmatched ability to stay abreast of modern marketing trends while maintaining some traditional ways. A master of his craft, Dean has since crafted authentic and adaptable marketing strategies that he easily customized to fit all his client’s needs.

A born entrepreneur, Dean, entered the business world at a young age. His passion for business saw his first venture in the entertainment world at 16. His dedication and hard work helped him learn and understand business world dynamics from his mistakes. 

Running a business at a young age cultivated in him a solid entrepreneurial foundation and a stepping stone into the corporate world. His unquestionable work ethic also paved the way for more success, where he landed his first job at the data center for MasterCard International. 

At MasterCard, Dean was engaged in international sales handling sales and distribution of credit card security features. Working at such a top corporation exposed him to the world of business management, an essential skill that helped him establish and manage his ventures.

“The entrepreneurial bug never left me while at MasterCard. I left corporate life in 1997 to pursue opportunities in the world of real estate, where I established several franchises. I also became an investor in some of the biggest real estate technology startups, which have been key pillars for my success,” Dean explains.

Since Dean has owned and operated numerous ventures, including a restaurant in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan, he has always had a passion for hospitality, community, and food. This opened up many other opportunities, especially networks where he met and partnered with other notable personalities.

Today, Dean owns and operates two thriving brands: The Beacon Realty Group and The Business Beacon. The Beacon Realty Group is a leading real estate brokerage firm helping others find success in the industry. Dean has launched a product teaching real estate professionals how to manage and organize a duplicable system to scale their business, personal brand, and personal lives. 

An industry leader, The Beacon Realty Group is challenging the current industry standard model of brokerages. Dean believes that brokerages across the country do not do enough to guide and help their agents become entrepreneurs. It’s important to guide people onto the camera, but also teach them how to create a proper message to the appropriate audience and understand how to implement both paid and organic video to build a presence in their local community or wherever their ideal clients reside.

The Business Beacon was originally launched to service agents within Dean’s own real estate brokerage but eventually expanded to helping clients in the mortgage industry, insurance, hospitality, local small businesses, business coaches, and public figures. 

To Dean, the mission is to be a leading resource for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to increase their brand awareness on the media side. He would also like to improve the lives and businesses of hundreds of real estate professionals across the country. 


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