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Meet Adele Tevlin, a passionate, driven entrepreneur, and coach changing the landscape of the business world.

Living in an ultra-fast and competitive world, where each individual is trying to reach their desired outcomes, whether it’s personal or professional. But when we glance at our life, the majority of people are lacking and not always living a life they love. Their motive, vision, and positive attitude are deficient, which affects their life and leads to a whole slew of other issues. They need a therapist or a coach, which brings out the best version of themselves. But not many people have this efficiency to help others to grow with positivity and duality. That was until we came across an incredible personality, who is changing thousands of peoples lives – Adele Tevlin. The name does not need much introduction, majorly known across the world for her work that pours abundance in countless people’s lives!

Adele has spent 20 years and has become a master of helping business leaders worldwide. The C.E.O. Blueprint, a transformational leadership development program for executives and business owners alike. Her performance has created waves with her pro-leadership qualities and the performance which has catered an incredible result to her massive clients. She conducts a four-week course that applies in the business environment and allows the clients to incorporate this methodology into their personal lives and relationships. Her positive attribute has built confidence and empathy in her clients and pours the ability to generate new ideas and to implement it without any fear, which has given astronomical results. 

Adele’s major clients are business owners and CEOs who want to grow in their life. She has also worked with well-known corporations, which include – TD Bank, CIBC, Credit Swiss, Goodmans LLP, Shimmerman Penn, Blakes LLP, and Crowe Soberman LLP, and many more. She has not only helped them in their professional life but also changed their personal lives. To reach this level of success was not a cake walk for Adele. She has always confidently followed her dreams, with her intellectual efficiency and her knowledge, have beat all the obstacles coming her way. Since operating in the online space, she has quickly grown a multiple 7-figure business and continues to inspire thousands worldwide.

Adele has a dream to impact millions and with her knowledge she will definitely build a potential to recognize their talent and grow!


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