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Meet Bryce Monkivitch – an Australian entrepreneur known for his winning streak.

He has pulled off many ventures successfully and is well known in business circles for his endeavours which have placed him on a high pedestal. 

We have encountered many business geniuses in the past but Bryce Monkivitch stands apart from others owing to his distinct contribution into the world of business. He has established some of the finest ventures, and one of them has been acknowledged as the top 100 fastest growing companies in Australia, making his name shine on a global platform. Bryce has been a winning entrepreneur who started his journey in 2017, and within a few years has reached a position which only a few can dream of. He stepped on the entrepreneurial ship by selling dog hats online on social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram with the products sourced from a supplier on Alibaba. The business garnered much support and soon he was well equipped to diversify in other ventures, which he eventually did in 2018, by forming an online clothing store dealing in trendy women wear on Shopify by investing $5,000. Surprisingly the business caught momentum and was soon a raging success. ‘Sincere Sally’ had made it big by competing with other brands like Nasty Gal, Fashion Nova and Princess Polly. The online brand exceeded Bryce’s expectations by raking in a whopping $1 million turnover annually, which was huge. 

Today, he owns four female fashion brands along with Sincere Sally (Instagram@sinceresallyboutique) which sells women’s fashion, sportswear, swimwear and accessories in Australian and the U.S. markets. He also owns a male jewellery brand and an online store in home decor. Bryce has recently built an app that hires staff from across the globe to help with marketing and business building of various brands from distinct niches. The app also provides an opportunity to micro workers to make money and build their skills using the app’s online learning modules. When asked about where does he see himself in the near future, Bryce says, “presently, I’m concentrating on building and growing my business along with trying to attain a good personal life. I would be travelling a lot, meeting masters of the e-commerce trades and business coaches which would help be better my knowledge and make my businesses grow skywards.”


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