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Meet David Shands: The Top Entrepreneur Helping Others Find Success

David Shands is a well-known business guru who’s highly sought after for his entrepreneurial abilities. His experience, tenacity, and persistence prove that anyone can achieve their goals with access to information and support from a supportive community. David is inspiring a new generation of budding entrepreneurs across the United States.

David’s passion is for community building. He describes himself as a model of the average person who has goals to follow their dreams on their terms. This is regardless of the playing field they are starting on, redefining the usual representation of a successful entrepreneur. David emphasizes that entrepreneurship does not have to entail becoming a multimillionaire; instead, it can involve pursuing an idea and earning a side income that helps you reach your full potential and live a purpose-driven and satisfying life.

David is the co-host and founder of “The Social Proof” podcast, a successful show that has educated thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide. “The Social Proof” ranks in the top 40 business podcasts and top 5 entrepreneurship podcasts. Additionally, every weekday morning from 8 am to 9 am, David hosts nearly 500 people via video call, where they spend time discussing topics like business, marketing, leadership, and mental toughness. Constantly learning and moving between student and coach is his philosophy in life.

David is also the founder of The Morning Meetup, an entrepreneur coaching, mentoring, and accountability club. David uses the platform to dispel the myth that business is out of reach to those with low social or financial standing. “The Morning Meetup is a show where we debunk the misconception that entrepreneurship is unavailable to people without social or financial status. I am also inspiring a new generation of aspiring business owners across the country,” says David.

Success may be difficult to achieve, but David wants everyone to believe that anything is possible. It’s never easy climbing to the top, especially in the beginning. You may face obstacles that jeopardize your business, but don’t turn back. On the other hand, quitters never win, and this is something David wants everyone to remember. Stop failing and starting afresh with a new idea. Stick with one idea for a while, and you’ll be able to enhance and perfect it. You can achieve a working formula if you continue developing a concept long enough without giving up.

David’s ambition is to continue encouraging and assisting more businesses in their pursuit of success. He wants to keep doing what he does best and become the leader of the world’s largest entrepreneurial community. In the next five years, he wants to build and expand his audience to over 10K subscribers, with over 100K paid members.

David is also working on expanding his program and making it the most popular business podcast on the planet. This includes interviewing and hosting other like-minded people to turn ordinary life events into intriguing stories that inspire everyone who listens.


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