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Meet Keaton Luther: The Stock Trader Making His Mark

Keaton Luther is a graduate of Dunwoody with a major in business management. He ventured into the business world in 2009, establishing Luther Towing, a towing company that quickly scaled into a high-performing culture recognized as the top 1% in the nation. 

Keaton’s impact and success have won him numerous accolades, including nominations for Ace Awards from 2014–2019, in the prestigious nationwide category of Best Towing & Recovery company. While managing Luther Towing, Keaton started Great Marketing, a white label digital marketing agency. At the same time, Keaton was still pursuing his passion for finance, stocks, and options trading.

Keaton’s entrepreneurial mindset led him to start Luther Capital, a hedge fund. He was immensely intrigued by the hedge trading world, prompting his decision to sell the towing company at the height of its success. As he had spent his career scaling businesses, Keaton realized the pains of acquiring loans from banks and became very passionate about helping business owners secure financing. 

Since making his debut into the trading world, Keaton has figured out safe trading strategies and produced high returns. Incredibly, they have been tried, tested, and proven to deliver beyond expectations. Keaton has a track record of making 260% in cumulative returns over the last five years. In 2021, the prolific options trader produced over 90% returns on capital for his investors. This makes him a top-performing stock trader outperforming the top-performing funds year over year. 

Keaton has set a high standard to be a better version of himself every day to maintain these top performances. This includes the goal to beat the top-performing hedge funds such as Goldman Sachs, Bridgewater, Tiger Global, and Morgan Stanley, to name a few. He takes pride in having not only surpassed all of their returns but managed to double and some years tripled their returns. 

Today, Keaton is producing an automated trading system that takes all his strategies and implements them with 99% efficiency and accuracy that a human cannot achieve. Keaton is investing many hours of hard work into the project, and he hopes to have it launched by the 3rd quarter of 2022. He believes it will be a revolutionary system that will help more investors succeed in the space.

The journey to success is never guaranteed to be easy—Keaton shares about continually having to overcome a series of obstacles and hurdles. The biggest challenge he has had to face is producing profits in any market condition. The trading markets can be highly volatile, making it hard for traders to speculate on trends. Keaton spent years developing a safe and conservative strategy that allows him to profit whether the stock market is going up or down. He also uses a variety of derivatives, and inversely correlated securities have made this all possible. 

When advising other individuals, Keaton emphasizes the importance of waking up every day and focusing on being the best version of yourself in love, health, wealth, and happiness. You will hit 10,000-speed bumps along the way, but don’t let this discourage you from your vision and passion. Remember, he had to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars before perfecting his craft. 


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