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Nick Komodina’s Mission to Teach the World the
New Way for Entrepreneurship

It’s not surprising to find business owners/entrepreneurs grinding themselves into the ground, thinking they have to work from 5 am to midnight to be successful. In contrast, this causes them anxiety, burnout, depression, and misalignment with their business, thus delaying their lives and businesses from progressing. Nick Komodina, a renowned entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, is on a mission to help business owners by teaching them a new method of entrepreneurship through his platform.

Nick became a gym owner at 21 and transitioned into an online fitness coach, where he scaled a 7-figure coaching company organically. He is also a public speaker and mentors entrepreneurs in aligning themselves so there is no ceiling when their businesses scale. Nick is also a mindset coach and podcaster; he hosts the podcast “Headstrong,” one of the top-rated entrepreneur podcasts on Apple and Spotify. Moreover, Nick is the owner of Impakt clothing company and a shareholder in a skincare line for athletes called Paradigm Skincare.

Despite Nick owning and running all these businesses, Impakt Industries is his favorite venture. The business involves Nick supporting his clients (entrepreneurs) in mastering the four pillars that will drive their company’s goals: body, mind, soul, and wealth. They help them transition into doing things in a new way, allowing for more peace and creative space to succeed in their ventures.

Impakt Industries stands out because of its unique business approach. “We believe the mind/internal self needs to be the main focus for any business you want to scale or anything you want to be successful at, whether it be physique/health, relationships, business, etc.,” says Nick. Impakt Industries is prospering by helping thousands of people transform their physiques and improve their lives. They have also helped hundreds of entrepreneurs develop as leaders and realign themselves with their mission to create a business that flows easily.

Nick cemented his name in the industry in a very simple way: by serving people. “I got everyone results and connected with everyone I helped. Nobody felt like clients; they all felt like they were in a family. The culture we created was in alignment with who I was and how I wanted people to feel, so those who were meant for that found us very fast, and we had explosive growth,” he asserts.

Although Nick has scaled his businesses to success, he shares a few challenging moments at the beginning of his career. “I learned everything the hard way. I lost millions on failed ideas, bad investments, and get-rich-quick schemes as I never wanted to ask for help,” says Nick. “It was ten years of hard lessons; losing everything multiple times, battling depression, losing clients due to lack of leadership, and not knowing how to accept success once I had it, so I kept self-sabotaging. Not knowing who I truly was left me at the mercy of the first person who would give me an answer,” he adds.

Nick emphasizes that as a successful entrepreneur, everything you have been through is exactly why you are in your current position. He suggests aspiring entrepreneurs not hide their mistakes or feel shame but instead use the mess as a message that will later change the lives of many after them. A few years from now, and with Impakt Legacy Mastermind, Nick hopes he will be the largest and fastest growing entrepreneurial mastermind on the planet, helping millions of entrepreneurs create their own “Impakt” and build their legacies.


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