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Nikolay Shkilev is the authentic ICO advisor you need for your business:

Nikolay Shkilev is a well-established entrepreneur and mentor in the Blockchain Industry. He founded major businesses such as ‘Private Business Club’ and co-founded “Top ICO Advisors”. He has gained experience in this industry for almost twenty years. During these years, he bagged many international projects, awards and got immense recognition. Thus, people termed him as a Blockchain business expert. They started asking him for help to scale up in the industry and this is how he turned into a mentor. 

He started his first business at the mere age of nineteen. However, his journey was not a smooth one. He had his fair share of obstacles and issues. However, he overcame all of those and this is the reason why he is standing tall as a successful entrepreneur today. 

On being asked about his project, “Top ICO Advisors”, he said the market consists of numerous incompetent and fake advisors who claim to help and completely shatter other people’s hopes. This is why there was a demand to find good and authentic experts during that time. He wrote to the top 20 entrepreneurs who took part in this Blockchain Industry to garner their attention. Almost all of them replied to Shkilev. This gave birth to “Top ICO Advisors”, which consists of the tip advisors, mentors, specialists and field experts. 

However, he is very particular about the projects he undertakes. The factors which lead to his approval are ICO bench verification, meeting, team introduction, Skype calls, communication with the entire team through Telegram. This is how he was able to discard the genuine ones from the scammers. He believes that many ICOs have failed to date because of an incompetent team, bad product and no financial budget. 

His advice is: “Never invest in one project! Also, never spend your last money on it. “

On being asked about the application of Blockchain, he said that it is versatile and can be used in any business whose aim is not just exposure to the local market but the international market. He also believes that for selling their products, advertisements and commercials are absolutely okay. It depends on the business and the team. If someone is popular and they want to gain exposure through advertising, it is their business and nobody should have a say in it. For more details about Nikolay Shkilev, we have listed his social media handles and business websites for convenience. Do check it out!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NShkilev?s=09

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vipmentor




Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_wall_street?utm_medium=copy_link


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