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No Risk, All Rewards – How Ryan P. Coyne is Diverging from Traditional Digital Media

Recent years have been a veritable boon for digital media. A global overview report by Data Reportal shows that global internet penetration grew 59.5% in 2021. Further, everyday users, small businesses, and large companies alike have shifted partially, or completely, to digital as the pandemic pushed many to more remote arrangements. In fact, Enterprise Tech calls 2020 “The Year of Digital at Scale.” 

Advertising is an industry that has always leveraged technological innovations through the use of Big Data, and various platforms and outlets, so one can even claim that this shift toward digital has always been inevitable.

While the methods used in digital advertising have long been innovative, business partnerships between clients and advertising firms have remained, more-or-less, stagnant. Clients finance advertising campaigns as firms provide the campaign with little to no certainty of success.

Ryan P. Coyne established Olympic Media to revolutionize digital advertising not only through its campaigns, but also in its “No Risk, All Rewards” approach. Through their unique advertising model, Olympic shoulders the financial risk by funding the entirety of each ad campaign. Instead, any profits are received on the backend based solely on the success of the campaign.

When asked about his idea for Olympic, Coyne says, “I knew I had to do something bold and different, so what I proposed was ‘Let me build and place your ads. I will invest Olympic Media dollars in doing it. All the risk is on me and I will get paid only on success.’”

In spite of the immense risk for Olympic, Coyne was able to make it work through his deep experience with founding and growing digital media firms, as well as his experience with different facets of business management, ranging from executive management to day-to-day sales. Coyne’s experience, combined with Olympic’s unique funding model, and their innovative advertising techniques, served as the company’s winning recipe. Today, the company stands with over thirty employees, having grown from its humble beginnings as Coyne’s one-man operation. Further, INC Magazine has ranked Olympic Media as the Number 1 fastest growing company in the Media & Advertising industry in the nation for 2021 – landing as the 13th fastest growing company in the Nation overall and the fastest-growing company in Virginia. 

Aside from his continued work in growing Olympic, Coyne also has a variety of passion projects that showcase his conservative American values and continuous drive to succeed. Ever the fighter, being a three-time national champion rower and Malvern Prep Athletic Hall of Fame inductee, Coyne is a proud conservative which manifests itself in his other ventures.

Today, Coyne also manages We the People Wine, an All-American brand that aims to exhibit the best of American values. Aside from these entrepreneurial endeavors, Coyne also founded The Working Warrior Foundation, a non-profit that aims to help unemployed veterans gain fulfilling employment. You can learn more about Ryan Coyne and his various works through his Instagram @ryan.p.coyne.


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