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NYC Luxury is the brand which is catering to your favourite musician’s fashion needs:

The hip hop world has recently adopted a new trend, which almost every artist who has a sense of good style can be seen sporting. Confused about what we are alluding to? Well, it is blingy, over the top jewellery which can be worn as a statement piece. Sometimes these pieces of jewellery can cost upwards of a quarter of a million dollars, truly making them an investment, even for a well to do person. In such cases, anyone, regardless of how high their disposable income is, will want their jewellery to be made by someone or somewhere that knows what they are doing. 

One such place which puts an end to this search is NYC Luxury. As the name suggests, the shop is truly a luxury experience from start to finish. And on top of it, they also provide luxury goods. From exquisitely crafted gold and diamond jewellery, NYC Luxury is one of the best jewellery boutiques in the New York City Diamond District. 

NYC Luxury is the initiative of Izzy A and Gavriel D. The two had first known each other as childhood friends. However, growing up, they had lost touch with each other and gone their separate ways, with neither of them have ever thought of running a business. But as we all know, life often has completely new and unimaginable things in store for us. Several years later, the two found themselves being brought together and they soon realized that each brought out the best in the other. 

Where Gavriel was full of motivation and strong will, Izzy’s strong point was his creativity and his ability to be an amazing manager and salesman. Together, they launched NYC Luxury and ever since its start, NYC Luxury has been a hit. To date, they have served several names such as Nick Cannon, Bella Thorne, Rich the Kid, Fredo Bang, Lil Tjay and many more. 

NYC Luxury has also established its own line of watches, which has done very well. Actually, their venture as a whole has made quite a name, not only for themselves but for custom jewellery as well. This is why, they have been wanting to expand their store soon, so as to be able to offer their world-class services to more appreciative people. Izzy A also hopes to create more watch and jewellery lines that would properly encapsulate the spirit of NYC Luxury, bringing in a combination of both classy and trendy. 

Clearly, NYC Luxury has a lot more ahead of them. To be a part of this wonderful journey, follow them on:




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