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Pierre Subeh talks doing his bit in changing the world:

Pierre Subeh is 22 years old Syrian. He immigrated to the Caribbean in 2010 with his family. His entire education has been done in Florida. He attended the Harvard business school under a full paid scholarship to their CORe program full stop since then he has also so been in the marketing field with several other forms and publications as a columnist. He has also been on several TV shows for his business expertise in the Middle East and North America. In the year 2021, he was also invited to the American business award as a Judge of Honour where there were 221 submissions and he helped determine the winner of the best business. According to him, our corporate life is not an integral part of our life, it just happens to be a big part of the journey. It took him years to understand that although work is a big part of his life, it’s not the main focus of who he is as a person. Hence, it’s crucially important to recognize that your work is not your personality. That way, you could create a more solid life for yourself.

His publicity campaign for the national Arab American Heritage month was, at last, was given recognition by the US Department of State’s homeland security and by the white house under the Bidden Harris administration. Is campaign gain success and biren congratulate the Arab American community on the celebration of the national Arab American Heritage month in a public letter. According to Subah, this is just the beginning he has a long way in which he will be using his marketing and business resources to create social changes for the good of the Muslims and Arabs who are living in the US and are facing social discrimination and combating the post 9/11 critical day to day situation. 

In 2021, he openly criticized The Academy Awards for not having enough Arab-American representation, which picked up the media attention of the largest magazines and publications in the world to interview him. “We’re only mentioned when Osama Bin Laden is brought up. I don’t feel motivated to gather up my family on a Sunday to sit through a four-hour award ceremony that never has any sort of mention about our culture and religion. Yet as Muslims, we make up roughly 25% of the world population”.

Pierre believes in giving back to society and strives to make difference in the world with his presence. He was never into the old ways of living life. As far as his memory goes, he does not remember a time where he aspired to live a normal life.

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