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Precision and a futuristic approach have led Stündenglass to the top of the smoking device industry.

Tracey Huston believed in the vision to create a revolutionary device and went ahead in attaining massive success.

To all those people who wonder how much more the world may see advances and developments across industries, here is the good news that certain brands have made it their aim to become revolutionary examples to the world. They want people to know how precision and a very modern approach to business to cater to contemporary settings can lead people and brands to astounding heights of success. Knowing more about these brands goes ahead in inspiring others in the world vying to create a special place for themselves in their chosen niches. Stündenglass is a name that has become synonymous with success with choosing forward thinking functionality and craftsmanship that has the power to astonish people completely. It is a brand that came out of the strong visions of Tracey Huston, who believed a novel approach in smoking devices could help in transforming the industry for the better.

Stündenglass launched the gravity powered contactless water hookah pipe last year and ever since has been making a lot of headlines, not just because of its outstanding features and safety, but also because the brand has now been acquired by Grenco Science. The said company is known for their extensive range of vaporizers and ancillary products. What has kept Stündenglass apart from other brands in the market is that it features a patented 360-degree gravity system that helps users have a powerful experience without having them to share their mouthpiece. It generates kinetic motion activation through cascading water and opposing the airflow technology and the natural force of gravity.

For years, we have seen the great inventions in the industry, from traditional hookahs to gravity bong to many modern smoking devices; however, nothing compares to Stündenglass’s hourglass designed device (In German, Stündenglass means hourglass) that offers a variety of features like precision machined hardware, contactless smoke delivery system, aluminium hookah bowl kit and a glass bowl, 360 rotatable activation and so much more.

Its transformational design and its defining smoking culture piece is an innovation that people might take years to come up with; that is how successful Stündenglass has become in a short period of time. Do not forget to follow the brand on Instagram @studenglass.


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