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Renowned real estate entrepreneur Mike Sherrard discusses his latest venture Agent Wolfpack:

Mike Sherrard is a Real Estate Entrepreneur, Social Media Coach and a Content Creator. Mike is currently the number one ranking YouTuber related to social media for the real estate agents. He has been training more than 3000 people by his social media training, by The Social Agent Academy. 

But this wasn’t always the plan. He initially was set out to become an engineer. Hence, he tried his best by completing two degrees in the span of three years, namely, Mechanical Engineering and Technology Management & Entrepreneurship. He even moved across Canada to work as an Engineer.

Mike has been training more than 3000 agents in the last 12 months, since he has acquired his license and the leadership at eXp Realty. Mike has built his one of the finest growing groups in the history of companies. He has built this group across North America and many other countries through the social media. Mike Sherrard believes that agents need to be educated on lead generation, marketing, personal branding and creating organic content videos for client’s attraction. Mike has been creating many content videos on branding for Youtubers, Entrepreneurs and Podcasters through his company called High Converting Contents. 

On asking him the biggest challenge he has ever faced; he said the negativity which he is faced in his career was quite challenging. According to him, the biggest thing that helped him get through these tough times is questioning himself why he was making all these sacrifices, which ultimately comes down to creating an incredible life for his future family. Through the emotional support from his parent, he was able to overcome it. Mike says “You have to keep trying everything until you find what works for you the best”. He believes that a business does not run smoothly if one focuses on many things at one time without trying to be perfect in one thing or area. A targeted approach is not enough.

Mike is also the founder of Agent Wolfpack, which is a group of agents from all round the world who are helping to leverage the highest converting strategies on social media for the agents. They actually work like a family helping out each other family members whenever required they are like a tight knit group of ambitious agents who are working together to create wealth and lifestyle of every agent in the group. When you are the member of the Wolf Pack you are entitled to access all the social media trainings given by Mike for free private master mind calls per week. One can also contact Mike directly for help and his advice as a mentor. 

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